Fuel Packs and Mounts


To take your off-roading to the next level, you'll need a fuel pack. Fuel packs ensure you'll never run out of fuel, even when there's no gas station around. Think of it as having an onboard fuel supply for your trips. Before you pick that fuel pack, consider these few things. 

Size & Construction Materials

Consider the size of the fuel pack you're about to purchase. A large fuel pack may be able to store more fuel, but it might not fit your vehicle properly. On the other hand, a small fuel pack stores only a small amount of fuel but you can store it in compact spaces. You should choose wisely depending on your driving habits and proximity to a fuel station. When choosing your mount and harness, make sure they are made from quality materials that won't rust or degrade over time. 

Mounting Location

Along with considering the size of your fuel pack, you should also consider where to mount it. Some fuel packs are designed to be mounted on specific locations on your vehicle, while others can be attached anywhere. When choosing a mounting location, ensure that it is not in an area where it will get in your way. Unlike most trucks with large beds, the Bronco has limited storage space. Therefore a roof-rack-mounted fuel pack may be the most viable option.

Wrapping Up

Don't get stuck in the middle of anywhere as a result of your ride running low on fuel. These affordable fuel packs will surely save you from stress. Shop now!