Rolls Bars, Cages & Chase Racks

If you love off-roading but don't want to risk your safety or that of your passengers, you certainly need a roll bar. Every year people are seriously injured or killed while off-roading in their vehicles. Even if you're careful, things can go wrong very quickly. Adding a roll bar, cage, or chase rack to your Ford Bronco Sport can help keep you and your passengers safe while enjoying this thrilling activity. Shop these roll bars, cages, and chase racks now!

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If you do a lot of off-road driving or racing and don't have a sturdy roll bar installed on your vehicle, then you're simply setting yourself up for injury in the event of a crash. Roll bars and cages are a must-have for maximum protection. Here are some vital buying factors you should have in mind.

Know The Regulations 

Before you purchase and install roll bars and cages on your Bronco Sport, you should first find out the rules and regulations for your region. This will help you stay within the authorities' requirements, mainly if you use your ride for off-road racing. Take note of the construction materials and the dimensions allowed for the roll cage.

The Type of Roll Bars/Cage

While you shop, you'll come across different roll bars and cages, including single, double, and triple bars. Each of these bars has its advantage over the others. The chase racks are also available in different styles; one suited for off-road trucks and the other for your regular rides on the road. Feel free to browse our collection and find one that best fits your needs.

Construction Materials & Installation

Another important consideration is the materials used for constructing the roll bars and cages. For greater strength, steel is used. Aluminum bars will also work fine but may not be as sturdy as their steel counterparts. Ensure these racks are appropriately coated with rust-proof finishing to withstand the elements. You should be able to install it independently if you have the right tools.

Wrapping Up

Protect your Ford Bronco Sport with these high-quality roll bars and cages. Shop our collection and find the right one for your ride.