Cold Air Intakes

A cold air intake system replaces the car's standard air filter and air intake tubing with larger diameter tubing, a higher-flow air filter, and a heat shield. The larger diameter tubing allows more air to enter the engine, while the high-flow air filter allows more air to pass through it.

It’s no wonder that cold air intake mods are some of the most popular ones out there because they don’t cost too much money, they usually don’t hamper the car’s reliability, and are also fairly soft on fuel efficiency. If you are only starting to perform mod on your Bronco, this is the perfect first step!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Cold Air Intakes for a Bronco?


Look for a cold air intake system made from quality materials such as aluminum, silicone, or high-density polyethylene. These materials are durable and resistant to heat and corrosion, which are important factors for cold air intake, especially on off-road SUVs which are often under lots of load.

The Air Filter Within

The air filter is an important part of the cold air intake system. Make sure the filter is of high quality and will effectively filter out contaminants. Also, ensure it is easy to maintain and replace as this will help you save some money in the long run.


We at Everything Bronco Aftermarket take great care in providing you with only the highest-quality cold air intakes as those are the only ones that make sense. Cheap, low-quality intakes may not improve performance, may not filter air effectively, and may even cause serious damage to your engine.

Design and Fit

Choose a cold air intake with a design that improves airflow and reduces restrictions. Some cold air intakes have a more direct path to the engine, which can improve performance even further. Also, if you are planning to do more mods to the intake system, it would be a good idea to go for parts that are compatible with each other in order to make the fitment as smooth as possible.

Are Cold Air Intake Mods Worth It?

If you're interested in improving your car's performance and sound, a cold air intake can be a worthwhile investment. However, it's important to choose a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer, ensure it's compatible with your vehicle, and have it installed properly. 

Additionally, be aware of any potential warranty or legal concerns before making any purchases.

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