Turbocharger Kits & Accessories

Turbocharging a car is the most popular modification to do when you want to make huge power gains and make your car much more capable. It may seem daunting to know where to start and which products to choose, but everything is a lot simpler when you have the perfect Ford Bronco Sport turbocharger kits and accessories to work with.

This is why we at Everything Bronco Aftermarket only offer the very best, industry-leading Ford Bronco Sport turbocharger kits which are going to make your Bronco lightning-quick without hampering reliability or daily comfort. Shop on!

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What Do I Get With a Turbocharger Kit?

A basic turbocharger kit includes stuff such as the turbocharger unit, new intakes, new piping, new hoses, air filters, boost controllers, oil lines, fitting, blow-off valves, and all the installation hardware needed. 

Some may also include stuff such as exhaust manifold mods, a new exhaust manifold, and a new intercooler. More expensive turbocharger kits can also come with special CNC machined components, custom tuning, additional accessories, and exhaust system upgrades.

Can I Install a Turbocharger Myself?

A DIY Ford Bronco Sport turbocharger installation is indeed possible if you possess the necessary skill and experience needed to work on delicate automotive components. 

If you are not fully comfortable with performing the installation yourself, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional mechanic who has experience with turbocharger installations. 

How To Choose a Turbocharger Kit?

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a turbocharger kit:

Safe Power Goals

Keep in mind that higher levels of boost pressure and horsepower can put greater strain on the engine and other components, so it is important to choose a kit that is appropriate for your engine's capabilities and the other components in your vehicle as well as keeping your Bronco relatively comfortable for daily driving duties.

Software Tuning

Turbocharging the Bronco isn’t just plug-and-play which is why you need to make sure the kit comes with proper tuning support.  This is essential to properly calibrate the engine's computer to work with the turbocharger. Also, look for a manufacturer or dealer that provides good technical support and can answer your questions or help with installation issues.


Look for reviews and recommendations from other car enthusiasts and professionals to help you make an informed decision. Online forums, YouTube car clubs, and social media groups can be good sources of information and advice.