Brake Pads

Whether you own a Ford Bronco 2-door, 4-door, Wildtrak, Black Diamond, Badlands, or any other model, we have the perfect brake pads to ensure exceptional stopping power and safety for your off-road adventures. We offer top-of-the-line, best ceramic pads, organic pads, and semi-metallic pads, all designed to meet the demanding needs of your Ford Bronco. From high-performance brake pads to reliable OEM options, our inventory is curated with top-quality products specifically tailored to enhance your off-road driving experience. Get ready to conquer all the trails with unbridled ease by choosing your next superior brake pads from our Ford Bronco brake pads category! Order yours today and feel the difference!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Brake Pads?

Ceramic Brake Pads

If your main focus is durability, Ford Bronco ceramic brake pads are likely your best choice. These are intended for heavy-duty use where withstanding high temps and intense driving conditions are a common occurrence.

These are also known to generate minimal brake dust which reduces wear and keeps your inner wheels clean. 

Lastly, ceramic pads are also known for being relatively quiet and relatively consistent which aids in daily driving duties.

Organic Brake Pads

Organic Ford Bronco brake pads are the softest of the three materials which makes these the quietest and the most cushiony to use.

Therefore, people who prefer comfort specifications are likely going to opt for these, but those who want something more responsive, durable, and aggressive, are better off with ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Many people believe that semi-metallic Ford Bronco brake pads are the best of both worlds these are both durable and perform really well.

However, semi-metallic brake pads are known to be slightly noisier than both organic or ceramic pads which is why they are not ideal for a daily driver.

On the other hand, semi-metallic brake pads, if not abused, tend to last longer compared to both organic and ceramic Ford Bronco brake pads.

OEM vs Aftermarket Brake Pads

You also need to decide whether you want OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brake pads or aftermarket options, but it can often be difficult to do so without knowing what you can get for your money.

OEM pads are designed by the vehicle manufacturer and often provide a direct fit and performance similar to the original pads. 

This means that these will retain the usual driving experience with the same amount of stopping power as your existing (non–modified) setup. 

Aftermarket pads may offer a wider range of options and performance features but ensure they meet or exceed OEM specifications, especially if you already run a highly-tuned Bronco.

Therefore, be sure to balance out your needs and wants and go for a brake pad setup that is going to fit your personal preferences.