Towing and Hitches

Tow like a boss with a reliable towing and hitch system. A lot can go wrong when you're towing or hauling. You need a hitch system that's tough enough to handle any situation. These Bronco towing and hitches kit is the perfect solution for your towing and hauling needs. This heavy-duty kit includes everything you need to tow or haul with your Ford Bronco, from a trailer hitch receiver to wiring harnesses. You'll find this kit easy to install in your Bronco.

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The Ford Bronco is ideally suited for hauling heavy loads and navigating rugged terrain, so you're missing out if you're not moving items with it. However, you need an excellent towing and hitching system for that. We've got high-quality, affordable tow systems here, so while you shop, consider the factors in this short guide below.

Your Bronco's Tow Rating

What's the tow rating of your Ford Bronco model? It may differ slightly from your buddy's Bronco Raptor rating or your neighbor's 2-door Badlands. Given the slight differences in the tow rating, you should take it seriously to avoid causing any damages to your ride. Concerning your trailer, consider the things you intend to tow - boats, kayaks, mini motorhomes, etc. 

Type of Hitch, Hitch Class, and Rating

There are different types of hitches, and they're not all created equal. Some classes and ratings define strength and towing capacity. The basic classes range from small (1) up to large (5). The hitch you need depends on what you want to tow and how much weight it will be. For example, if you want to tow a camper, you need a Class III hitch that can handle up to 8,000 pounds.

If you're towing a heavy load, you may need a weight distribution hitch. This type of hitch helps to distribute the weight of your load more evenly between the front and rear axle of your Bronco, which can help with braking, stability, and steering. 

Hitch Ball and Mount

The mount is the hitch part that's bolted or welded to your Bronco's frame. This is what the hitch ball mounts on, and the hitch ball is what attaches the trailer to your Bronco. There are different hitch balls and mounts, so ensure you get the right size for your Bronco.

Wiring Harness

Your Bronco likely came with a 4-way flat wiring harness, but depending on what you want to tow, you may need an upgraded 7-way harness. The 4-way flat has the essential functions for towing a trailer - tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and running lights. To tow a camper or boat with electric brakes, you need the 7-way harness, which also gives you a reverse function and a center pin for charging your trailer's battery.

Wrapping Up

Check your Bronco's manual for specific information on what your Bronco can tow and what type of hitch and wiring harness you need. If you need help picking a hitch system, leave a message for our experts. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful.


A super sporty SUV like the Ford Bronco Sport needs a good towing and hitch system to help tow items to different places. With an effective towing kit, you'll enjoy certain perks like camping, fishing, or kayaking whenever you choose. The right towing and hitch system must match your vehicle's weight and able to haul most items you need or intend to haul. Here are some considerations you should remember as you shop.

What's the tow rating of your Bronco Sport?

As stated earlier, you should consider your vehicle's tow rating before purchasing a towing and hitch kit. This step is important because you don't want to get towing equipment unsuitable for your Bronco Sport and won't allow you to haul huge items. Your car's manual provides the tow rating for each Bronco Sport model, so check it out and verify.

What's the hitch type, class, and rating?

You should also know the hitch type and class, which determine the towing capacity. The hitch class ranges from Class I to Class V, and the towing capacity for each category can range from 4,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. The larger the item you want to tow, the higher the hitch class should be. Ideally, a Class V hitch will handle most of your towing needs. Also, consider the hitch ball and mount type, as they're available in different sizes. Ensure you get the appropriate size for your vehicle.

Remember your wiring harness, especially if you're camping and you'll tow a camper with you. The wiring harness also provides power to the rear lights on your trailer. 

Wrapping Up

With an efficient towing and hitch system, you'll move many items with your vehicle effortlessly. Please browse through our collection of these Ford Bronco Sport towing and hitch kits and accessories and find the right parts now!