Engine pulleys are a crucial part of the engine and should be replaced when they wear out over time. Doing so will keep your Bronco's belts and other engine parts running smoothly. We have a wide selection of engine pulleys made from different high-quality materials and designed to easily fit and replace the OEM pulley. Whether you're looking for crank or accessory pulleys, we've got quite a handful in the store. Purchase one today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Pulleys?

Size & Construction Materials

Ensure that you are buying the correct pulley size. You need to buy the right pulley to replace the old one and they must be of the same size. If it does fit, it may not be compatible with the belt. You should also ensure that the new pulley is compatible with the old one it's replacing. Then there's also the issue of construction quality. Many materials are used to make engine pulleys (steel, aluminum, etc.). While some materials are compatible with all types of belts and other engine parts, others aren't. 

Type & Installation

Typically, a car's engine consists of two types of pulleys; the crank and accessory pulleys. Both work hand in hand to ensure that your engine runs smoothly. The pulley itself relies on the right bearing to also work. If your pulley is damaged and you're replacing it, ensure you're getting a replacement along with the right bearings for the pulley. If you don't have the relevant tools, you can get a professional mechanic to help you replace the pulley. 

That said, also consider the tips below.

Extra Tips

You can do a few things to prolong the life of your engine's pulley. 

First, regularly check the tension on the belt that runs from the engine to the pulley. If the belt is loose, it can cause the pulley to spin faster than it should, which will cause it to fail prematurely. If it's tighter than normal, problems will arise.

Second, keep an eye on the bearings that support the pulley. These bearings can wear out over time, and if they're not replaced regularly, they can cause the pulley to fail. 

Wrapping Up

Get the best pulleys for your Ford Bronco's engine here at Everything Bronco Aftermarket. Shop now!