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What to Look Out for When Buying a Ford Bronco Exhaust?

Header-Back vs Cat-back vs Axle-Back Exhausts

A header-back Ford Bronco exhaust replaces the entire exhaust system from the headers to the tailpipe, providing maximum performance gains and customization potential, but it costs the most.

Cat-back exhaust systems, on the other hand, replace components from the catalytic converter to the tailpipe, striking a balance between performance and ease of installation while also being the most popular of the bunch.

Lastly, axle-back exhausts focus on enhancing the sound and appearance of your Bronco while keeping modifications limited to only the rearmost section of your exhaust system.

It’s best to balance your desired level of performance, sound, and customization before buying when choosing between these options to find the perfect exhaust upgrade for your Ford Bronco.

Single Pipe vs Dual Pipe (Split Pipe)

A single-pipe exhaust system features a single exhaust pipe that carries the exhaust gases from the engine to the tailpipe. 

This design is generally more cost-effective and simpler in terms of installation and maintenance. It can still offer performance improvements and a noticeable change in sound, depending on the specific design. 

On the other hand, a dual-pipe (split pipe) exhaust system consists of two separate pipes that run parallel to each other. This design is often associated with a sportier and more aggressive appearance. 

Dual pipe systems can provide enhanced exhaust flow which can boost your power if you are already running a modified Ford Bronco. They also tend to offer a deeper and more pronounced exhaust note.

Build Materials and Durability

There are a few different build materials you can choose from, but the most popular ones are steel, aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber.

Steel Ford Bronco exhaust systems are by far the most popular, but they are much heavier than all the other ones on this list. Aluminum is popular for specific pieces of tubing and mounting, but steel offers the best durability-to-value ratio for structural parts.

Titanium and carbon fiber are usually used only for the very exhaust tips due to how they look, but both come at quite a premium.

Look for systems equipped with reinforced designs, strong mounts, and brackets, preferably with heat-resistant coatings that aren’t going to damage anything on your Ford Bronco.

Performance Gains

Upgrading to a Ford Bronco high-flow exhaust system can improve engine airflow, reducing backpressure and allowing for more efficient combustion. 

This can result in increased horsepower and torque, providing a noticeable boost in performance.

A high-flow system also boosts your throttle response which means that your Bronco is able to react quicker while lightweight systems will lower your overall weight and will also benefit performance.