Bed & Tailgate Steps

Are you looking for a convenient way to get into your lifted Bronco? Do you need steps to help you easily access your truck's bed or tailgate? We've got the right bed and tailgate steps if you answer yes. These handy accessories can make getting into your truck a breeze, and they're available in various styles and materials to fit your needs. So why not give them a try? Your lifted Bronco will thank you!

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Frankly, you need a sturdy set of steps to get into your lifted Ford Bronco’s bed/tailgate. Those stock bed and tailgate steps may not serve you faithfully through those rough terrains. And considering that not all Broncos come with factory tailgate or bed steps, it's okay to look the way of aftermarket products like the ones here. They are made from sturdy materials and feature a non-slip surface so that you can easily climb in and out of your truck. 

Here's our simple checklist for shopping for these steps.

Materials & Design & Features

Considering the amount of weight they will support, one of the first things to do is to look for steps made from tough materials. Steel and aluminum alloy are some of the most common materials used, the former being more popular given its ability to take a beating off-road.

Design-wise, you want something that will closely match the exterior design of your truck while preserving its functionality. Ensure that the steps are properly coated to protect them from the elements and keep them rust-free for a long time. Additionally, we recommend having rubber/non-slip surfaces on the steps for better grip for your footwear. 

And lastly, having features like a boot scraper can also come in handy for dealing with muddy boots when tackling a muddy trail, but it's not a must-have. 

Weight Limit

Take note of the weight limit of the steps you're purchasing. It should be able to support weights of up to 300lbs or more. Anything lower than this may not be ideal, given that our friends may want to access something in our bed or tailgate once in a while. When a bed or tailgate step snaps, it can cause bodily harm.

Wrapping Up

Get rid of those flimsy tailgate steps in your truck and get something that'll support your active lifestyle. Aftermarket Bronco bed and tailgate sidesteps from our shelves will give your SUV aesthetic appeal and take you a step higher whenever you want.