Fender Flares

Whether you're driving your Ford Bronco on or off-road, the last thing you want is to get dirt and rocks caught in the wheel wells. A fender flare can make a lot of difference as they create a wider surface area around the wheel wells, which prevents rocks and dirt from hitting the wrong spots. They also add style and personality to your vehicle and they’re also classified as external trim items. If you’re looking for some sturdy fender flares, don’t look farther than the ones on this page.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Fender Flares?

Type of Fender Flare

There are about four types of fender flares on the market. They include the rivet-style, cut-out, extra-wide, and the street-style fender flares, all of which are great options for your truck. The cut-out flares, however, are somewhat tricky to install and you may have to cut your Bronco’s existing fender flare to install it.


Some US states have laws governing how far your fender flare can extend. You should find out from the appropriate authorities in your region - possibly the police. Knowing the relevant laws will help you to stay out of trouble with the authorities while you make your truck serve you better.

Installation & Color Options

Depending on the type of fender flare you purchase, you may have a hard time installing it, especially with the cut-out fender flares. We suggest seeking for assistance if you’re not comfortable mounting the new flares. Regarding colors, you can opt for other colors other than the conventional black color. Personal preference will play a huge role in this case.

Wrapping Up

Keep the debris from damaging your truck while you improve on its looks with a fender flare. Consider laws, installation and colors, and the type of flare you want as you shop.for the perfect fit.