Mobility Equipment Accessories

Mobility equipment accessories improve your overall driving experience irrespective of any physical challenges. Finding the right ones can be difficult, so we offer a wide selection of products to make life easier for drivers and passengers with mobility issues. With these mobility equipment accessories, you'll be able to drive with greater independence and confidence. We have many mobility accessories for the Ford Bronco, including wheelchair ramps, tie-downs, and more. Shop now!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Mobility Equipment Accessories?

The Mobility Equipment

Ideally, one of the first things you should consider is the equipment you own. If you own a wheelchair, you should get accessories like the wheelchair tie-down ramps. You can also opt for a customized swiveling seat that makes entering and exiting your Bronco easy. You should also consider folding lifts for your vehicle. 

Other accessories you'll need include.

Grab handles: Sturdy grab handles are a must-have for your Ford Bronco so that you and other passengers can get in and out of the ride without much hassle. Ensure you're purchasing one with a decent maximum weight limit.

Turning seats: For easy access and exit, you should get a turning seat for your Bronco. Some don't come cheap, but they're very helpful and are designed in such a way that they eliminate the need for an extra hand getting in and out.

Pedal controls and extenders: Extending your pedals or adding attachments that help to easily control them are lovely inventions you should also consider adding to your ride.

Consider Modifications & Installation

You should find an expert to install the mobility accessory in your Bronco. Take note of the requirements for the accessory and mobility equipment you own. You should also consider if any modifications are required on your vehicle before you can install these accessories.

Wrapping Up

Make your day-to-day driving experience enjoyable by getting any suitable mobility equipment accessory for your Ford Bronco. Shop now!