Roof Rack Accessories

Whether you own the adventurous Bronco 2-door, spacious 4-door, rugged Badlands, powerful Raptor, or versatile Black Diamond, we have the perfect add-ons to elevate your roof rack game to new heights! Enhance aerodynamics with wind deflectors, safeguard windows with rugged protection, and customize your roof rack with sturdy brackets, mounts, and crossmembers. Attach rooftop cargo bags, spacious boxes, molle plates, and tire mounts, or opt for a half/full rack. Unleash the full potential of your Ford Bronco with the very best selection of Ford Bronco roof rack accessories! Get ready to elevate your off-road experience like never before!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Roof Rack Accessories?

Type of Accessory

Ford Bronco wind deflectors are sleek add-ons that mount on top of your Bronco in order to enhance your aerodynamics to make your driving experience more comfortable, quieter, and efficient. 

Window protection usually consists out of mounting your accessory to hang off the roof rack and protect the windows from impacts. 

Rooftop storage solutions such as rooftop cargo bags, roof boxes, and tire mounts, allow you to add more cargo space to your Bronco without making any notable compromises in other areas.

A Ford Bronco crossmember will aid in making your Bronco more structurally rigid and will reinforce the framework of the vehicle while brackets and mounts will help keep all of your accessories properly secured to the roof rack.

Build Materials and Durability

It's crucial to prioritize durability and build materials as these two factors are not something you can't skimp on.

Look for accessories made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or durable plastics. These materials will make your accessories able to withstand the abuse that comes with off-roading through treacherous terrain.

Additionally, consider protective coatings or finishes that offer resistance against rust and UV damage. 

Ensure the accessories can handle the weight capacity you require and look for features that enhance off-road durability, such as reinforced construction and impact resistance. 

For accessories such as tire mounts, you ought to prioritize the most durable construction and materials as these can get really heavy.

Functionality and Convenience

You should also focus on buying accessories that are both functional and convenient. This means that they are easy to use and can be accessed without any issues.

The key here is to increase the functionality of your roof rack which means only going for accessories that are going to be used.

Sure, a tire mounted on top of your Bronco looks cool, but if you don’t need it, you are sacrificing a lot of cargo space while also increasing your center of gravity which can negatively impact handling.

Quick-release mechanisms, locking systems, adjustable mounts, aerodynamic designs, modular capabilities, and integrated lighting are also welcome, so do keep an eye out for these.