Skid Plates

Welcome to our collection of the very best Ford Bronco Skid Plates designed for 2-door, or 4-door Bronco models (Wildtrak, Raptor, Badlands…) These skid plates are purpose-built to shield vital components from damage during your adrenaline-fueled adventures! From front to rear, we offer a comprehensive range of protection, including transfer case skid plates, front differential skid plates, A-Arm skid plates, shock guards, transmission skid plates, crash bars, rock sliders, gas tank skid plates, engine skid plates, and a whole load of other goodies! So don't hold back – browse our selection of Ford Bronco Skid Plates and don't let rugged terrains dictate your adventure. Order yours today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Skid Plates?

Protection Coverage

The main reason to go for a Ford Bronco skid plate is to protect vulnerable components from damage caused by logs, rocks, dirt, mud, and other similar obstacles.

Consider the areas of your Bronco that need protection the most such as your engine, your transmission, your A-Arms, your lower control arms, your differential, and your gas tank.

Engine skid plates shield the underside of the engine from rocks and debris, preserving its integrity and avoiding potential oil leaks or damage to vital engine components. 

Gas tank skid plates ensure the fuel tank remains protected from impacts, minimizing the risk of leaks or punctures.

You should also focus on coverage as you want to cover the entirety of the component if possible to do so.

Build Materials and Durability

Only consider buying skid plates made from high-quality materials like heavy-duty steel, aluminum, or reinforced plastics. 

These materials offer superior strength and durability, ensuring they can withstand the harsh impacts and abuse that come with trail driving and overlanding with your Ford Bronco.

Heavy-duty steel provides robust protection against rocks and obstacles, while aluminum offers good protection, lighter weight, and corrosion resistance, but it isn’t as durable as steel.

Reinforced plastics, such as HDPE, strike a balance between durability and weight savings, but these aren’t the best for low-hanging areas such as the bottom of your engine or the transfer case.

Whichever material you choose, make sure the skid plates are specifically designed for off-road use and feature sturdy construction and secure mounting points.