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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Storage?

Dry Boxes vs Rugged Cases

Likely the two most popular Ford Bronco Exterior storage options are dry boxes and rugged cases. 

Dry boxes are designed to provide waterproof and airtight storage, protecting sensitive items from water, dust, and moisture by using rubber gaskets and O-ring seals to create a watertight barrier around the opening.

These are commonly used to store electronics that aren’t too fragile, documents, first aid kits, and other moisture-sensitive gear such as food or clothes.

On the other hand, rugged cases are usually lockable sturdy, and impact-resistant containers that offer protection against shocks, drops, and direct impacts.

They are ideal for safeguarding valuable equipment and delicate items such as cameras, firearms, tools, and laptops.

So, before you spend your money, be sure to think about which one of these two options suits your needs better.

Security Features

Because these are designed for exterior use, it’s important to have all the necessary safety features to prevent these from falling off your Ford Bronco or to prevent them from getting stolen.

Look for strong mounts that are tested and certified to keep your storage properly fastened to the car. 

Follow all the installation guides and tips to ensure that your storage is always secured and ready to tackle anything you throw at it.

Look for stuff such as locking mechanics, padlocks, combination locks, built-in keys, or even additional locking solutions to properly secure all of your belongings.

Build Materials and Durability

Look for storage solutions constructed from sturdy materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), heavy-duty plastics, or durable metals like aluminum or stainless steel.

Special anti-corrosion, UV, or weatherproof coatings are also a very good idea as these storage solutions are usually kept outside or in other non-ideal environments.

Your coolers for example should be lined with proper materials which can help with maintaining temperature, something no cooler can do without.

Versatility and Convenience

Consider going for versatile storage solutions that can be used for a wide variety of things at the same time.

Options that allow for modular setups, adjustable compartments, or the ability to be used in different areas of your Bronco, such as the roof, trunk, or cargo area, are usually the best ones out there.

Having easy access to stuff you need the most is also important, so try and mount/keep these where you need them the most.