Tire Carriers & Accessories

Off-road adventures are fun but can quickly turn into bad moments if a tire goes flat and you're not prepared. But it shouldn't happen if you’re prepared. With these high-quality, affordable Ford Bronco tire carriers and accessories, you can easily and securely carry extra spare tires on the back of your vehicle and have other accessories like spare tire adapters, spare tires, third brake lights, and tire mounting kits. These tire carriers are made from heavy-duty materials and are available in different finishes. Shop now!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Tire Carriers & Accessories?

What accessories do you need?

There are several accessories you'll need for your vehicle. They include the following.

Tire Carrier: This will allow you to safely carry a spare tire. It works alongside the spare tire adapter to fasten the spare tire firmly to your SUV's body. 

Third Brake Light: Adding a third brake light on the tire carrier is an additional safety measure to ensure that other drivers can see you when the brakes are applied. 

Tire Mounting Kit: This set of items is necessary for mounting your tires onto the carrier and fastening them firmly in place. It includes everything from lag bolts to lug nuts and more.

Hooks & Adapters: These parts are also necessary for mounting the tire carrier onto your vehicle. Adapters work with hook-style carriers, while hooks allow you to securely attach the carrier to the side of your car.

Relocator Kit: This is a great way to relocate your spare tire from inside the cargo area to outside, making it easier to access in an emergency. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you're looking for a simple, efficient tire carrier or a complete setup of accessories, there's something available for your Ford Bronco. By investing in quality tire carriers and components, you'll be able to enjoy off-roading with peace of mind knowing that you're prepared should anything happen on the road! Shop today!