Coil Springs

Looking to upgrade and improve your vehicle's spring rate and load capacity? Look no further than our selection of high-quality Ford Bronco coil springs at Everything Bronco Aftermarket! Our shop category dedicated to Ford Bronco coil springs offers a wide range of options to cater to all your needs, whether you have a 2-door or a 4-door Bronco, a Wildtrak, Raptor, Badlands, Black Diamond, or any other Bronco model. Our selection includes front and rear coil springs, lift coil springs, off-road coil springs, heavy-duty coil springs, performance coil springs, adjustable coil springs, and progressive rate coil springs. Plus, all our coil springs are made from top-quality materials and designed to last, so you can trust that your purchase will be a worthwhile investment. Order yours today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Coil Springs?

Performance and Lift

If you plan on installing beefier tires or need additional ground clearance for off-road adventures, coil springs that provide a lift are exactly what you need.

These lift coil springs will help ensure that your Bronco can accommodate the increased tire size and conquer challenging terrains with ease.

In addition to lift height, it's crucial to assess your specific performance requirements as not all coil springs are designed to excel in the same areas. If you frequently carry heavy loads or tow trailers, opting for heavy-duty coil springs is advisable. 

These coil springs are designed to provide increased load capacity and maintain optimal ride height even under heavy loads.

On the contrary, if you're seeking better off-road performance and durability, more durable Ford Bronco lift coil springs are your best friends.

Spring Rate and Adjustability

The spring rate of a coil refers to the amount of force needed to compress the coil spring, and for off-roading, a higher spring rate is generally preferred.

This provides better support and control over rough terrain, minimizing body roll and preventing bottoming out. 

However, it's essential to find a balance between a stiff spring rate for off-road performance and maintaining a comfortable ride on regular roads and this is where adjustable springs come in handy.

Adjustable Ford Bronco coil springs enable you to customize the lift height or adjust the spring perch positions, giving you the ability to optimize your Bronco's suspension for different terrains, payloads, or personal preferences. 

This versatility ensures that your vehicle performs at its best in various off-road situations and is also something you should look into.

Build Materials and Durability

Steel Ford Bronco coil springs are the most commonly used and offer excellent durability and strength while chrome-silicon coil springs offer enhanced durability, making them ideal for off-road applications where the suspension undergoes significant stress and compression.

You can also get poly coil springs which are mostly designed for on-road use because they aren’t nearly as durable. Either way, it would also be a good idea to consider buying wheel travel limiters that prevent the coil springs from fully compressing.

These will stop the springs from extending beyond their safe limits, reducing the risk of damage caused by excessive compression while expanding their lifespan.