Control Arms

Looking to equip your Ford Bronco with the best suspension components for the ultimate Bronco build? Then gear up and get ready to explore with our selection of top-of-the-line Ford Bronco Control Arms! Our selection features a vast array of high-performance control arms that are made for the 2-door and 4-door Bronco, including the Wildtrak, Raptor, Badlands, and Black Diamond models! We offer front and rear control arms, upper and lower control arms, adjustable control arms, off-road control arms, heavy-duty control arms, and performance control arms, to name a few. Make sure that your Ford Bronco stays controlled, stable, and smooth with our selection of the very best Ford Bronco control arms the market has to offer!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Control Arms?

Adjustable vs Fixed Control Arms

Adjustable Ford Bronco control arms provide the flexibility to modify suspension settings or accommodate lift kits and existing or future aftermarket modifications.

They enable fine-tuning of the suspension geometry, camber, and caster angles, all of which will let you make the most out of your setup in a wide variety of environments.

Fixed Ford Bronco control arms are typically what you get from the factory as these don’t allow for any adjustments which means that they are not suited for a wide variety of surfaces.

Either way, it makes sense to spend a bit extra for the added adjustability as it is going to make your suspension system much more sophisticated.

Build Materials, Durability, Construction

Forged steel or aluminum control arms are by far the most popular and logical build materials to consider for many reasons.

Forged steel control arms offer exceptional strength and robustness, capable of handling the intense forces experienced during off-road adventures. 

Aluminum is lightweight yet remarkably strong, contributing to improved handling and reduced unsprung weight.  Additionally, aluminum control arms are resistant to corrosion, extending their lifespan even in harsh environmental conditions.

Look for features like reinforced gussets, welded seams, beefy connections, and solid bushings or ball joints for improved strength and stability of your entire Ford Bronco suspension system.

Bushings and Ball Joints

Your control arms are only as good as your bushings and ball joints which is why should pay extra attention to these while in the market for new control arms.

High-quality bushings or ball joints ensure smooth operation, noise reduction, and durability because they absorb vibrations, reduce noise, and resist wear, providing a comfortable and long-lasting performance. 

Choosing control arms with reliable bushings and ball joints ensures proper suspension alignment, minimizes wear and tear, and enhances your driving experience.