Track Bars

Welcome to our Ford Bronco Track Bars category where we offer a variety of the very best track bar upgrades designed for your 2-door Bronco, 4-door Bronco, Raptor, Badlands, Big Bend, and other Bronco models. Choose from rear and front track bars, adjustable options, heavy-duty track bars, track bar brackets, and numerous track bar accessories. Our off-road track bars are built to withstand tough terrains, while performance track bars enhance handling and stability. Lifted Bronco? We have track bars for you too, ensuring proper alignment and suspension geometry. Explore our selection today and make sure your Bronco stays aligned for many years to come!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Track Bars?

Performance vs Off-Road Setups

A performance Ford Bronco track bar setup focuses on enhancing handling, stability, and cornering capabilities while going quickly.

It utilizes adjustable track bars for precise suspension tuning and alignment that keep your Bronco centered and much more poised.

On the other hand, an off-road setup is designed to withstand the challenges of rough terrain as these aftermarket track bars are made from heavy-duty materials and often incorporate flexible joints for greater axle articulation. 

They allow for customization to accommodate suspension lifts and oversized tires while maintaining decent stability. 

If you prioritize improved on-road and higher-speed performance, go for a performance setup. 

For off-road adventures and enhanced suspension flex and articulation, an off-road setup is the way to go.

Adjustability and Customization

When lifting a Ford Bronco, the suspension geometry can be altered, leading to issues such as poor handling, uneven tire wear, or improper axle positioning. 

Adjustable track bars come to the rescue by allowing you to precisely align the axles and maintain optimal suspension geometry for whatever setup you are running.

These will allow you to control the length of bars to always be able to precisely tune the alignment and keep your Bronco centered.

Additionally, an adjustable track bar setup allows you to futureproof your Bronco as you can alter the bar length whenever you want.

Also, higher-end adjustable custom track bars will allow you to precisely customize your driving experience, leading to a much more engaging drive.

Build Materials and Durability

Off-roading involves navigating rough terrains, and uneven surfaces while encountering obstacles that can put additional strain on the suspension, steering, and powertrain systems.

Factors such as aggressive rock climbing, excessive flexing, and high-impact forces can increase the risk of track bar failure or damage.

To cope with that, you should opt for heavy-duty bars made out of solid materials such as thick steel or alloy.

Reinforced construction, off-road certifications, and reputable brands should help you to safeguard your track bars on any surface.