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Knowing which tires and wheels are right for your Ford Bronco can be hard because there are so many options available, and it's tough to know which ones will work best for you. At Everything Bronco Aftermarket, we carry a wide selection of Ford Bronco tires and wheels. We have something for everyone, no matter your budget or needs. You shouldn't compromise on your driving experience by getting the wrong tires for your terrain, nor get wheels that don't complement your Bronco's appearance. Shop our tires and wheels collection today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Tires and Wheels?

Type and Size of Tires

The type and size of tires for your Bronco are determined by the terrain you drive on frequently and the season that's dominant in your region. However, we recommend getting all-season tires, so you will only need to upgrade them when it has covered the recommended miles and is worn out. It's also important to decide on the tire size for your Bronco. The tire size should compliment your Bronco's height, especially if you lifted the vehicle. 

Wheel Design, Size, and Bolt Pattern

Feel free to pick any design that catches your fancy - there are lots to choose from. The size of the wheels should also correspond with the tires you've purchased. In addition, the bolt pattern of your preferred wheels should match the bolt pattern on your Bronco. You can buy the combined tire and wheel package to save yourself the stress of having to check for individual wheels and tires. 

Tire Speed Rating & Treadwear

These are two important aspects to consider when selecting new tires for a vehicle. The tire speed rating indicates how fast a tire can safely travel under ideal conditions. The higher the tire speed rating, the faster the vehicle can safely travel on that tire. Most tires are rated for speeds up to 118 mph. 

Treadwear, on the other hand, indicates how long a tire will last under normal conditions. The higher the treadwear rating, the longer the tire should last. Remember that tires must be replaced when worn or damaged to maintain safety and performance. 

Wrapping Up

Keep your wheels in top condition all the time. Check our collection of the best wheels and tires for your Ford Bronco now!