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Welcome to our Ford Bronco Onboard Air category, where you'll find everything you need to enhance your tire and air game for your 2-door Bronco, 4-door Bronco, Wildtrak, Badlands, Raptor, and all other models. From versatile jumpers and powerful air compressors to convenient 12-volt air compressor kits and compact and lightweight sport air compressors, we have the perfect options for every Bronco enthusiast at every price point! Explore our portable and efficient air management systems, tire inflation kits, and professional-grade air installations. With durable air tanks and comprehensive air kits, our Ford Bronco onboard air systems are designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability, no matter where, no matter when. Order yours today and see for yourself!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Onboard Air Accessories?


What do you intend to pump with the air system besides your tires? Inflatable boats, kayaks, tires, bouncing castles, etc., are typical examples. A small onboard unit will do the trick if you want to use it for smaller tasks while a more heavy-duty air system is required if you want to use it for multiple purposes.

Compressor Size & Rating

The size of the compressor is essential. You don't want to get one that is grossly underpowered for the tasks. Likewise, you won't like something so big and bulky that it’s an overkill. Compressor ratings are typically given in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This is the volume of air that the compressor can push in a minute. Consider the PSI rating and the tank size too.

Deflation Feature

The deflation feature comes in handy now when you need to deflate your tires or another inflatable object manually. You can save a few minutes, but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker.


Installation is pretty straightforward for most onboard air systems, but getting a professional to do it is always a good idea. Most of the onboard air systems on the market have installation videos on YouTube. Ensure you have all the tools and hardware before you start. Also, you should consider durability and warranty.

Wrapping Up

As you browse through our onboard air compressor systems, you'll find some superb air compressors on the market that won't break the bank. Just keep the factors we mentioned above in mind.


What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Onboard Air Systems?

Air Compressor Performance 

Depending on the size of your tires and how often you use it, you can go for either more powerful, more expensive air compressors, or cheaper compressors which are predominantly used as an emergency device.

The power of most compressors is rated via PSI and CFM ratings. CFM refers to the volume of air that an air compressor can deliver per minute while PSI is your good old “pressure per square inch rating”.

It’s a good idea to go for beefier systems if you often take your Bronco in the desert or wherever else you often deflate and inflate tires for better traction and stability.

It’s also a good idea to look for features like high airflow rate, maximum tank capacity, maximum pressure capacity, and duty cycles.

A powerful and reliable air compressor will provide efficient inflation and deflation for your tires and other air-related tasks for your Ford Bronco.

Ease of Use and Features

If you are serious about off-roading in a wide variety of environments, you are surely going to appreciate features such as inflation and deflation by a press of a switch.

This can be an immensely helpful feature when traversing terrain such as deep snow or desert sand as you can essentially change the size of your tire contact patch by inflating or deflating your tires.

Other special features include stuff such as air management controls, tire inflation kits, pressure gauges, integrated accessories, percentage meters, and even special driving modes.

You should also pay close attention to buying a fairly comprehensive, but easy-to-use compressor that isn’t going to take away valuable time and one that isn’t going to take ages to inflate your Ford Bronco tires.

Build Materials and Durability

It’s essential to invest in a high-quality Ford Bronco onboard air system made from durable materials that are going to be reliable and will serve you for many years to come.

Components like robust air tanks, corrosion-resistant fittings, and sturdy mounting hardware, latches, and air lines are very important and necessary, especially for those who often inflate and deflate their tires.

Noise and Packaging

To top it all off, it’s a good idea to go for a relatively quiet unit as some of these can get pretty rowdy when in use.

Even though that may not sound like a problem at first, you are eventually going to be fed up with how noisy some of these can get if you inflate/deflate your tires often.

Even more important than that, go for a Ford Bronco onboard air system that is neatly packaged and isn’t going to take away too much space in your Bronco.

A heavy-duty system with large tanks, lines, and a powerful compressor can also be heavy, so be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for a new system.