Winch Mounts

A winch is a really popular modification for a Ford Bronco as it provides a whole host of additional functionalities which can make your Bronco more capable and better looking at the same time. Having the ability to pull yourself out of tricky situations and helping your fellow off-roaders get out of sticky situations is precisely why these exist. However, before you go ahead and choose your next winch, you first need to buy an appropriate winch mount. Shop for our wide range of Ford Bronco winch mounts and increase your off-roading prowess today! There are countless winch options you can go for these days which means that you will have to narrow down your choices depending on your usage scenario and how serious you are about off-roading. A particular winch mount needs to withstand all the stresses that come with pulling heavy weights and recovering yourself and your friends over and over again. It may not be at the top of your “most important modifications list”, but a winch is only as good as the mount on which it resides.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Winch Mounts?

How To Choose A Winch Mount?

  • Size and Thickness

Not all winch mounts are made equal which means that some are able to withstand heavier weights than others. Almost all regular winch mounts out there are 1/4” or 3/16” as these two are commonly used as the industry standard. The general rule of thumb is to go for a winch that can withstand double the weight of your car which also means going for a winch mount that can do the same.

  • Mounting Location

Most winch mounts are bolted directly onto the frame, but some can even go on factory bumpers, specialty bumpers, or specialty bull bars. If you decide to go through the bumper route, be sure to get a professional welder to reinforce your bumper/bull bar if needed. You also need to keep in mind that the majority of stock bumpers don’t come with bolt holes which will require drilling into your bumper.

  • Water Resistance

If you often take your Ford Bronco through muddy trails and puddles, you should also consider buying a waterproof winch mount that can easily withstand consistent exposure to water without corroding. This means going for either IP68 or IP69 certifications as these are as good as they come.

  • Type

Steel plate-mounted winches are the cheapest and are mostly irremovable while portable winch mounts are designed for versatility and are really popular with part-time offroaders. Serious offroaders are likely going to go for heavy-duty winch mounts with roller leads that include roller fairleads and are by far the most expensive ones.