Brake Components and Hardware

If you want to enhance the performance of your Ford Bronco Sport, you are likely going to invest in various engine, exhaust, and ECU upgrades that are going to make your Bronco Sport more powerful and more capable on and off-road. However, people tend to forget that brakes are equally as important as having the ability to stop quickly can often be a life saver.

As such, upgrading your brake components & hardware is a must for those who are really serious about performance. If you are interested in industry-leading aftermarket brake components & hardware for your Ford Bronco Sport, be sure to shop our wide variety of brake system upgrades!

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How To Upgrade My Brakes?

  • New Brake Rotors

  • New Brake Calipers

  • New Brake Pads

How To Upgrade Brake Rotors?

Cast iron rotors are the cheapest, not overly effective with temp management, and are the heaviest. Steel/layered steel rotors are popular with race enthusiasts because they are lighter than iron, yet perform better, but also aren’t the best with temp management and overall weight. 

High-carbon brake rotors are essentially made out of iron but are mixed with carbon which makes them great at dissipating and withstanding heat. They are also quieter and don’t vibrate as much. However, they are more expensive.

Finally, ceramic rotors are the “top of the crop” when it comes to brake rotors as these are seen on the most capable cars on the planet. They resist heat the best and don’t fade whatsoever. Even so, they are incredibly expensive and are often loud while cold.

How To Upgrade Brake Calipers?

When it comes to brake calipers, you can choose between floating, sliding, or fixed calipers. Fixed calipers are your best choice as these will offer the best stopping power and can house between 2 and even 8-pistons at a time. The more pistons you got, the better your clamping force becomes. Sliding calipers are a variation of floating calipers, and both of these typically come with one or two pistons. 

How To Upgrade Brake Pads?

When it comes to upgrading your brake pads, you need to pay attention to two main points of interest.

  • Temperature - Some brake pads come with a higher frictional coefficient at cold temperatures while others will bite better when warmed up. As such, if you want effective brakes when they are needed, choose the former, but if you often brake hard at a course or a track, go for the latter.

  • Material - Organic (NAO) brake pads are the cheapest, but these are not suited for performance driving as much as ceramic brake pads are. Ceramic brake pads are more durable, quieter, and don't wear out as quickly, but they are the most expensive. Finally, metallic pads are almost as effective as ceramic, they are cheaper, but wear out the quickest.