Brake Rotors

One of the more effective ways on how you can upgrade your braking performance is to invest in new brake rotors. These can make your Ford Bronco Sport a lot more confidence-inspiring as having upgraded brakes makes your on-road and off-road driving experience much safer. Although most people gravitate towards more power, bigger wheels, and beefier tires, none of that can make any difference if you can’t come to a complete stop when necessary. As such, if you want a safer and more reassuring driving experience with your Ford Bronco Sport, be sure to shop our wide range of brake rotors.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Brake Rotors?

Usage Scenario

Where you use your Ford Bronco Sport makes all the difference when it comes to buying the right brake rotors. If you are mostly driving normally on the street and you don’t take your Bronco off-road, a simple plain (smooth) kit is the one to go for. On the other hand, if you are often driving quickly and braking aggressively on and off-road, drilled kits are your best bet.

Brake Rotor & Pad Combinations

A combination between plain rotors and ceramic pads is generally viewed as the best possible combination for all environments as they are the quietest and have the lowest dust output. Drilled and slotted rotors with semi-metallic pads are likely the noisiest and quickest wearing of them all which is why it’s best to avoid those. For the best possible performance, go for a set of slotted/drilled rotors with ceramic pads.


We all know that building off-road SUVs adds a ton of additional weight which is why we need to buy brake rotor & kit combinations from the most reputable brands only. As such, the best brake rotor & pad kit companies out there are Brembo, Bosch, NRS, Akebono, Wagner, PowerStop, ACDelco, TeraFlex, EBC, and Max Advanced.