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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Drivetrain Accessories?

Components of the drivetrain

As we’ve mentioned earlier, several components of the drivetrain work tirelessly to make it what it is. Here are these components and their functions.

Axle: The axle is the main arm that connects the wheels to the chassis. 

Transmission: The transmission handles changing gears, allowing your vehicle to move at different speeds.

Differentials: The driveshaft helps distribute power from the engine and transmission to your wheels.

Driveshaft: It helps transfer power from the drivetrain components to the wheels.

CV Joints: The CV joint serves as a connection between the axle and driveshaft. It allows for free movement in all directions.

Mid-shaft: The mid-shaft helps to keep components of your drivetrain in proper alignment. 


Once you've decided which drivetrain parts you need, you should seek professional help for installation. The installation process varies depending on the type of parts and your vehicle, but it is important to make sure that all components are properly mounted and secured so that your drivetrain can function correctly. 

Wrapping Up

These are just some core drivetrain components that make up your Ford Bronco Sport. To ensure your vehicle is running at its best, shop for replacement drivetrain components from Everything Bronco Aftermarket. We offer the best deals and the highest quality parts available on the market.


What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Drivetrain Upgrades?

Base Level

The Ford Bronco Sport is available in a few trim levels, all of which are designed to excel in different environments.

You should keep this in mind when starting with your drivetrain upgrades as some Bronco Sport models (Badlands) are designed for off-roading while others (Outer Banks) are designed primarily for on-road comfort.

This distinction is significant because the Badlands already comes with a decent amount of drivetrain upgrades which means that the amount of modifications needed for a superior drivetrain experience differs greatly between these two (and many other) Bronco Sport models.

Be sure to keep this in mind as this will allow you to spend your money where it’s most needed.

Performance Enhancements 

The main reason why most people want to upgrade the drivetrain system on their Bronco Sport models is to make them perform a lot better.

The most desirable performance upgrades include better off-roading capabilities, better towing, hauling, handling, power, and even fuel efficiency.

You ought to do your homework beforehand to realize what you value the most as not all of these benefits can co-exist as one often negates the other.

Some mods such as a limited slip or locking diffs can completely transform the performance of your Bronco.

Reliability Enhancements

Drivetrain upgrades for the Ford Bronco Sport utilize high-quality materials, such as forged steel or aluminum alloy, for improved strength and durability. 

These upgrades, when properly installed and maintained, can enhance performance and off-road capabilities while making your Bronco Sport much more durable.

Some mods such as differential covers will keep your diffs protected while off-roading while axle upgrades, driveshaft upgrades, and CV joint upgrades can make the entire system more robust and capable of withstanding the stresses associated with off-roading.

Styling Enhancements 

Ford Bronco Sport drivetrain mods can also look good while offering you functional and tangible benefits.

As mentioned previously, a differential cover helps to protect your diffs from impacts, dirt, debris, scratches, and other mishaps.

Still, they also serve as a very popular and cool-looking styling trinket that will elevate the underside of your Bronco Sport substantially.

This especially makes a difference if you rock a lifted Bronco Sport or you are planning to in the future.