Cold Air Intakes

A cold air intake system replaces the car's standard air filter and air intake tubing with larger diameter tubing, a higher-flow air filter, and a heat shield. The larger diameter tubing allows more air to enter the engine, while the high-flow air filter allows more air to pass through it. It’s no wonder that cold air intake mods are some of the most popular ones out there because they don’t cost too much money, they usually don’t hamper the car’s reliability, and are also fairly soft on fuel efficiency. If you are only starting to perform mod on your Bronco, this is the perfect first step!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Cold Air Intakes?

Cold air intakes are essential for any driver looking for a simple but effective way to draw colder air into their engine compartments and boost their Bronco Sport's performance. It can also give your car a slight sound boost because of the air that is drawn into your engine. As you shop for cold air intakes, kindly consider the following.

Compatibility & Construction Material

Firstly, you should carefully find a cold air intake designed to fit your Ford Bronco Sport. If it's not solely designed for it, don't buy. Next, take a look at the intake kits. Are they durable, made from heat-resistant materials, and do they have good warranties on them? If they don't, you should consider other products.

Intake Style & Tube Flow

The intake style can either be cold intake or short ram intake. In the cold air intake styles, the air filter is conspicuously placed in a spot where it'll get more cold air. This differs from the short ram intake style, where the air filter is closer to the intake system. Also, ensure that the tubing for your intake system is straight because the air will flow better. Ensure that all the required hardware is installed accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Give your engine a boost with these high-quality cold air intakes from us. Shop now!