Mass Air Flow Meters

Get the most out of your Ford Bronco Sport with these cutting-edge mass air flow meters that will give you an unbeatable driving experience every time you hit the road! These MAF sensors provide the highest degree of accuracy in interpreting air flow entering a fuel injection engine. This results in increased horsepower and improved throttle response. It also helps to prevent engine damage due to incorrect air/fuel mixtures. Grab these Bronco Sport MAF meters today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Mass Air Flow Meters?

The Ford Bronco Sport's mass air flow meters measure the air entering the intake manifold. Because of their importance, they are finely calibrated and accurate, allowing for great control over system performance. Here are some things you should know while you shop for these mass air flow meters.

Type of MAF Meter

The Ford Bronco Sport offers two mass air flow meter types: hot wire and vane. The hot wire type utilizes a heated filament, which is sensitive to changes in air intake volume; it then sends signals to the engine's computer system so that it can adjust fuel delivery. On the other hand, the vane measures incoming air with a flap deflected by the airflow. Both are accurate, but the vane type may be better suited to larger engines due to its greater range of measurements.

Compatibility & Installation

Ensure that you're getting the MAF sensor compatible with your Bronco Sport. Don't buy anything else to avoid any issues down the road. Again, ensure it comes with detailed instructions on how to install it correctly - or hire a professional to do the installation. It's important to note that the meter should be installed in a clean environment where dirt, dust, or other debris can’t get into it. 

Wrapping Up

Mass air flow meters are an important component of the Bronco Sport engine, so make sure you buy a good one so that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently. Browse our collection of these premium-quality MAF sensors now!