Supercharger Kits & Accessories

The Ford Bronco Sport is one SUV with lots of room for performance upgrades. We've assembled these top-of-the-line supercharger kits and accessories specifically for this vehicle. These superchargers will give your Bronco Sport the power it needs to perform, and you'll see an increase in horsepower and torque. You'll also enjoy improved throttle response and acceleration. Order your Ford Bronco Sport Supercharger kit or accessory today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Supercharger Kits & Accessories?

Superchargers are considered one of the best options as they will give your vehicle an immediate boost in performance while still being within legal limits. With many kits available on the market today, we're here to provide our expert opinion on which ones are right for you and what kind of modifications and accessories come with each. Read along to better understand how they can transform your ride into something truly powerful!

Compatibility & Installation

As you shop for a supercharger kit, you'll want to ensure it is compatible with your Ford Bronco Sport. You should also be aware of any additional accessories needed to complete the installation, such as fuel injectors, cold air intakes, and other aftermarket components. You'll probably find walk-through videos on YouTube on how to install a supercharger in your Ford Bronco Sport; however, if you're not experienced, we recommend asking for professional installation help. 

The Type of Kit & Accessories Needed

Another factor you should remember is that there are different supercharger kits. You'll encounter the centrifugal, root, and twin screw superchargers as you shop, and each has its advantage over the other. The centrifugal supercharger is compact-sized and doesn't lag, while the roots supercharger spins at low RPMs and is reliable for low-use cases, but you may have to deal with its high-temperature issues. 

The twin-screw superchargers perform almost the same as root superchargers, but they don't have high-temperature problems and deliver the required boost faster. However, they're complex to install and tend to cost more than their counterparts.

Wrapping Up

Check out our selection of top-of-the-line supercharger kits and accessories designed for the Ford Bronco Sport today!