Body Armor

Welcome to our exclusive shop category dedicated to Ford Bronco Sport body armor exterior body upgrades! Whether you're an Outer Banks, Badlands, or Heritage Edition owner, we have the perfect selection of body armor and protective gear to protect and enhance the exterior of your Bronco Sport!

Our extensive range includes hood protectors, trim panel removers, fuel door guards, scratch protection solutions, and a whole load of other goodies designed specifically for the rugged and capable Ford Bronco Sport. 

With our high-quality body armor options, you can confidently tackle any terrain while fully safeguarding your Bronco Sport's exterior. Browse through our collection of off-road accessories and exterior upgrades, and discover the perfect armor to transform your Bronco Sport into a tank!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Body Armor?


Protection should be your number one concern when buying Ford Bronco Sport exterior body armor upgrades.

It’s best to approach buying these accessories by evaluating the specific areas of your Bronco Sport that need protection the most depending on where you mostly tend to drive.

If you use your Bronco as a daily driver on the highway, you should look into protecting it against rock chips on the front of the vehicle while those who take their Broncos into the wild should consider more thorough levels of protection.

Ford Bronco Sport pinch points, corners, door handles, bumpers, the hood, side panels, and the door pillars are often regarded as weak points, so be sure to protect these if you are planning on using your Bronco Sport heavily.

Build Materials and Durability

Common Ford Bronco Sport body armor build material options include steel, aluminum, and high-quality polymers. 

Steel offers exceptional strength and protection but can be heavier which isn’t ideal for those wanting to lower their overall weight for better performance.

Aluminum strikes a balance between strength and weight while being corrosion-resistant which is why it is the material of choice for many people.

Polymers and other composite materials provide lightweight and impact-resistant solutions, often molded to fit the Bronco Sport's body precisely, but aren’t usually as durable as steel or alloy.

Remember to assess thickness, reinforcement, and overall build quality for proper durability, no matter the material.

Visibility and Protection Coverage

Another very important aspect of buying Ford Bronco Body Armor upgrades is visibility as too many body armor add-ons can create various blind spots which are not something you want no matter where you drive your Bronco Sport.

Therefore, look for streamlined designs that are going to protect your Bronco, but are not going to affect your all-around visibility too much.

Protection coverage should also be noted as you want to protect the entirety of the vulnerable panel because the last thing you want is to invest in Ford Bronco Sport body armor and still get your beloved Bronco damaged.


We also need to talk about styling as some of these Ford Bronco Sport body armor accessories and upgrades certainly do look the part on a rugged Bronco.

As such, you should also focus your attention on choosing between minimalistic armor upgrades or aggressive, bulging armor plates that are going to make your Bronco look like a tank.

Either way, consider the different finishes and colors and try to tie it all up into a full package.