Hoods and Hood Accessories

Scoops, louvers, and vents are essential accessories you can add to any vehicle to improve its looks while drawing immense benefits. Many people think otherwise, but this is only because they've not experienced the benefits associated with them. At Everything Bronco Aftermarket, we've got the perfect line of Ford Bronco Sports scoops, louvers, and vents. These products are made from top-quality materials and are designed to look great. Shop now!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Hoods and Hood?

Scoop or Vents?

Do you want a scoop or vents? Scoops are designed to draw air into the engine bay, while louvers and vents are designed to release hot air from the engine bay. Vents are probably the better option for hot climates or if you frequently take your Bronco on long drives. If the opposite applies to you, then scoops are probably a more suitable option. Having both installed isn't bad, but it may not be the ideal.

Material and Color

Aluminum, carbon fiber, and plastic are the most common materials for making these scoops and vents. Plastic is cheaper, but it's not as durable as metal. Metal is more expensive, but it's more durable and will last longer while surviving wear and tear. Concerning color, you're more than likely to come across white and black scoops and vents, with the black color being the most popular.

Size & Installation

What size do you want your scoop or vents to be? The most common sizes are small, medium, and large. Small scoops or vents are less expensive, but they're not as effective at drawing air into the engine bay. Medium scoops or vents are more expensive, and they're more effective at drawing air into the engine bay. Large scoops or vents are expensive and are the most effective at drawing air into the engine bay.

Also, consider how you want to install your scoop or vents. The most common methods are drilling, screwing, and adhesive. Drilling is the most permanent option, screwing is the easiest option, and using an adhesive is the middle ground between drilling and screwing. You may also need to cut out some parts of your vehicle's hood to install these vents and scoops.

Wrapping Up

Scoops, louvers, and vents are all designed to improve the airflow and cooling of your engine bay. Choose any of our high-quality hood scoops and give that engine some fresh air when next you’re driving.