Light Covers and Guards

There are numerous different modifications you can do to your Ford Bronco Sport which means that it can often be difficult to know where to start. If you upgrade your lights or you often go off-roading, it would be a good idea to invest in a pair of high-quality light covers and guards as these will keep your new/existing lights in tip-top shape. We have compiled the very best Ford Bronco Sport light covers and guards the current industry has to offer which means that you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Ford Bronco Sport light covers and guards stock below!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Light Covers and Guards?


Light covers are designed to cover the lights completely which protects them from scratches and chips. Light guards can protect the lights even from larger rocks and more serious impacts but tend to be hollow means that they don’t protect against smaller scratches, sharp and narrow objects, or small stone chips.


Another reason why many people love light covers and guards is that they make the car look more purposeful. Car light covers give an impression of old-school rally cars while light guards make the car more rugged and apocalypse-looking.

Why Should I Buy Light Covers Instead Of Light Guards?

Light covers are a better choice for front lights as the front lights are a lot more prone to stone chipping and scratching. Moreover, a pair of high-quality covers are going to keep the lights protected from rain, snow, dust, dirt, grime, or anything else you find the wild. Lastly, a light cover can sometimes be just a light transparent layer of protection film which retains the OEM look.

Why Should I Buy Light Guards Instead Of Light Covers?

Light guards are a better choice if you want maximum impact protection and if you want to protect your taillights. Light guards do block the illumination a little bit which is why it’s better to place them in the rear. Also, light guards don’t protect all that good against stone chipping and scratches which isn’t as important as tail lights. 

How To Install Light Covers?

  • Plastic Light Covers - Installing plastic light covers is easy as they tend to come with clips that snap automatically above and under the headlights. Open the hood of your Bronco Sport, align the lower bit of the cover, snap it in place, and then do the same for the clips on the top.

  • Film Light Covers - If you are using thin transparent film for covering the lights, be sure to first clean the light as thoroughly as you can and apply the film in the same way you’d apply paint protection film. As these come pre-cut, you don’t need to do any cutting.

How To Install Light Guards?

Installing light guards is a bit more complicated as you first need to remove the taillights by removing all the bolts holding them in place. This means that you first need to open the rear trunk and remove the plastic bit that hides the bolts by gently pulling from the bottom of it. 

Inside you’ll find two 10mm bolts on which you’ll mount the bracket that comes with the guards, repeat the entire process in reverse and bolt the guard onto the taillights.