Roof Racks and Rails

Investing in a high-quality precisely machined roof carriers like a roof rack or roof rails is a perfect way to increase the practicality of your Ford Bronco Sport. Moreover, a sleek roof rack is also going to make your Bronco Sport stand out in the crowd, especially if you pair it with various other quality-made aftermarket mods you can also find at Everything Bronco Aftermarket. We offer premium, industry-leading, heavy-duty roof racks which can withstand all the abuse typical off-roader encounters. The best part of it all, all of these are really easy to install in just a few minutes, without any drilling involved. Order your new Ford Bronco Sport roof rack today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Roof Rack and Rails?

Choose the Right Weight Capacity

Make sure to choose a roof rack with a weight capacity that can handle the weight of your cargo. Consider not only the weight of the cargo but also the weight of the roof rack itself. The key here is to look in advance and try to go for a roof rack that is going to satisfy all of your cargo needs in the long term.

Choose all the Right Accessories 

Your roof rack towers are what hold the roof rack securely in place which makes these essential for proper fitment and installation. Be sure to use the recommended/provided adapters, towers, and crossbars only as non-tested equipment could cause more harm than good.

Choose the Right Type

The three main roof rack types are crossbar roof racks, platform roof racks, and cargo baskets. Crossbar roof racks are the most common and versatile, allowing you to attach various accessories. Platform roof racks provide a flat surface for larger items and cargo boxes. Cargo baskets are great for carrying larger items that won't fit in a cargo box. 

Choose the Right Material

Roof racks are typically made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum roof racks are lighter and more corrosion-resistant, while steel roof racks are more durable and can handle heavier loads. Some are also available in carbon fiber which is the lightest and really durable but tends to cost the most.

Can I Install a Roof Rack Myself?

Before doing anything, it's important to read the manufacturer's installation instructions carefully and make sure you have all the necessary tools and hardware. It's also a good idea to have a helper to assist you with lifting and positioning the roof rack on your vehicle.

Most roof racks are fairly straightforward to install which means that you won’t need to do any drilling.