Roofs and Tops

Welcome to our shop category dedicated to Ford Bronco Sport Roofs and Tops, where you'll find a wide range of options to elevate your off-road experience with Everything Bronco Aftermarket!

Whether you drive the Bronco Sport Outer Banks, Badlands, or Heritage model, we have the perfect roof solutions for you. Explore our selection of sunroof accessories, roof racks, customization options, and rails designed specifically for the Bronco Sport.

Enhance your outdoor adventures with a roof tent, cargo carrier, or roof basket to maximize storage and convenience. We also offer sunshades, full racks, shade tops, brackets, mounts, and cargo storage solutions to cater to your specific needs.

Transform your Bronco Sport into the ultimate exploration vehicle with our high-quality Ford Bronco Sport Roofs and Tops designed to both protect your Bronco and make it more usable!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Roofs and Tops?

Versatility and Functionality

Look for options with removable panels, modular designs, integrated sunroofs, roof racks, or additional storage options to enhance your outdoor adventures and accommodate your specific needs.

These elements allow you to adapt your Bronco Sport to different weather conditions and activities and to always be able to use it to the fullest of its ability.

Removable panels provide the flexibility to enjoy open-air driving on sunny days and make cleaning easier. 

Modular designs enable customization for various cargo needs, optimizing storage capacity while also upping your style at the trail.

Essentially, be sure to look for features, accessories, and add-ons that are going to serve a specific function you are after while also being able to serve a wide variety of other purposes such as storage, design, protection, or practicality.

Design and Style

When we modify cars, we modify them to portray our specific way of thinking and doing things.

This means that you can get creative with your Ford Bronco Sport roof and tops to make them a reflection of your own personality and what you value the most when it comes o aesthetics.

Thankfully, you can choose between a wide variety of finishes, textures, motives, colors, and styles that are going to complement your Bronco Sport exactly how you want them.

You can go for minimalist, unassuming mods that are going to be a bit more under the radar, but you can also go all-out if you want to make your Bronco Sport look a lot more rugged and aggressive.

Build Materials and Durability 

When choosing the materials for your Ford Bronco Sport roofs and tops upgrades and accessories, it’s important to choose durable materials that are going to withstand the abuse associated with where you drive your Bronco Sport the most.

Those that often go off-roading with their Bronco Sport should keep an eye out for steel, aluminum, or hard fabrics that should withstand impacts, scratches, and tears easily.

Some features such as easy removals and modular designs will allow you to replace damaged components without needing to replace the entire panel.

Be sure to do your homework to see how you can utilize your tops and roofs without sacrificing longevity and overall durability.