Skid Plates

Welcome to our Ford Bronco Skid Plates shop category, designed specifically for the highly capable Bronco Sport Badlands, Heritage, Outer Banks, and other models!

Our front plate, shock skids, rear plate, side plates, belly plates, undercarriage plates, transfer case skid plates, transmission skid plates, A-Arm skid plates, differential skid plates, glide plates, and crash bar caps are made with top-quality materials like steel and aluminum to ensure maximum protection and durability. 

From experienced off-roaders to those just starting to explore the backcountry, everyone is going to be pleased with our selection of the very best Ford Bronco Sport Skid Plates the market has to offer! Order yours today and stay safe!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Skid Plates?

Protection Coverage

The reason why one would opt to buy a skid plate is to protect vulnerable areas from impacts, scratches, or other forms of damage.

Even though the Ford Bronco Sport isn’t as rugged or as utilitarian as its larger brother, it is still a fairly capable off-roader SUV, but one that can do both daily driving and off-roading in a much more nuanced way.

To be able to explore the limits of the Bronco Sport, you’ll have to invest in high-quality Ford Bronco Sport skid plates for vulnerable areas such as your belly/front, rear, sides, transmission, transfer case, and engine.

Make sure to go for plates that cover the entirety of the component you aim to cover as that is the only thing that makes sense.

If you don’t cover the entirety of the component, you will be spending money but will still be able to damage your underpinnings.

Build Materials and Durability

Steel and aluminum skid plates are your best choice as these two materials are going to endure impacts really well while also not being overly expensive.

Steel is a bit heavier and is more prone to corrosion which is important since these plates often become (and remain) wet while driving through challenging terrain.

Aluminum is lighter, but it isn’t as durable in most cases, and if you bend it, you are going to have a more difficult time trying to straighten it all back up because aluminum is a bit more difficult to work with.

Either way, look for robust designs, thick materials, and sturdy bolts to make sure everything stays in place even if you slam the rough ground.