Skid Plates

The Ford Bronco Sport is a reliable workhorse that needs all the maintenance and protection it can get to keep working. Driving without armor & skid plates on your vehicle makes it vulnerable to damage from rocks and other debris while driving, mainly off-road. Even on the highway, some hazards can seriously damage your vehicle if you're not prepared. These high-quality armor & skid plates are the solution. They are made from heavy-duty materials to take a beating from the elements on the road. Shop now!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Skid Plates?

Construction Materials

Ideally, you want armor & skid plates that are made from strong and durable materials like steel or aluminum. This will ensure protection against anything you may encounter while driving. Ensure the mounting system is secure and easy to install so your armor & skid plates stay in place even when put through tough terrain. Some of our armor & skid plates come with powder coating to ensure additional protection.

Which Parts Do You Want To Cover?

You can find armor & skid plates for different parts of your Ford Bronco Sport. You can cover the engine, transmission, fuel tank, or any other portion that needs extra protection. Know which parts need separate armor plates and cover them accordingly.

Price & Installation

Once you've chosen the type of armor & skid plates, you can select from various price points. Installation is relatively straightforward and should take, at most, a few hours, depending on your skill level. Make sure to measure your parts before ordering so they fit when installed.

Wrapping Up

Armor & skid plates are essential for any Ford Bronco Sport owner that plans on tackling off-road trails. With the right combination of armor and skid plates, you can ensure your vehicle is safe from any damage that may occur while driving. Shop now!