Windshield Accessories

Car windshield accessories are usually small pieces of hardware that are designed to enhance or improve the functionality of a vehicle's windshield which includes cleaning it, repairing it, protecting it, and defrosting it. As a clear and intact windshield is essential for on-road safety, it’s really important to have these in your car at all times. Even though they aren’t the most common aftermarket parts you’d buy for a car, if you need them, you will be glad you got them. As such, we have compiled some of the most essential, and most usable Ford Bronco Sport Windshield Accessories. Order yours today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Windshield Accessories?

Windshield Wipers and Wiper Parts

Windshield wipers are one of the most important windshield accessories. These include wiper blades, wiper arms, wiper motors, linkages, nozzles, washer fluid reservoirs, and all the other pieces that help clean the windshield of all kinds of dirt and debris. 

Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid is used in conjunction with windshield wipers to help remove dirt and other debris from the windshield. This fluid is stored in a reservoir under the hood of the vehicle and can be sprayed onto the windshield using a switch on the dashboard.

Windshield Sun Shades and Covers

A windshield sun shade is a large piece of material that is placed on the inside of the windshield to block the sun's rays and keep the interior of the vehicle cooler. Windshield covers are used to protect the windshield from dirt, debris, and other hazards when the vehicle is parked. These covers can be made of various materials, such as canvas or plastic.

Windshield Repair Gear

Windshield repair kits are used to fix chips and cracks in the windshield. These kits typically include a resin that is applied to the damaged area and cured using UV light. These usually come in liquid, spray, or hardened form and are applied using a small pencil or a small brush.

Windshield Defrosters

Windshield defrosters are used to remove frost and ice from the windshield during cold weather. They typically consist of a grid of wires or a thin film that is mounted on the windshield and heated using electricity.