Phone Accessories

Using your phone while driving is not only irresponsible, but also really dangerous. There are many different ways on how one can use a phone while driving the Bronco safely, but using low-quality phone accessories is equally as irresponsible as using your phone without one. As such, we have compiled some of the very best, highest-quality phone mounts and accessories for your Ford Bronco Sport which will not only make your life easier and safer, but will also add to your daily convenience. Shop on!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Phone Accessories?

Phone Mounts

The most convenient and most popular Bronco Sport phone accessories are undoubtedly phone mounts. These can be had in plastic, steel, aluminum, or even carbon fiber form and can include stuff such as built-in chargers, cable management, magnetic mounts, 360° pivot balls, handy portrait-to-landscape switching, or easy access. These are commonly mounted on the windscreen, the A/C vents, or the dashboard and are designed to keep your phone in place even over rough terrain.
Wireless Phone Chargers

The Ford Bronco Sport does come with an option to install a Qi wireless phone charging pad from new on your instrument cluster or below the instrument panel, but some are going to buy the Bronco Sport used or will want to add more wireless pads. Thankfully, there are many aftermarket easy-to-install options ranging from 5W to even 15-20W fast-charging and most are covered with special silica gel that prevents the phone from sliding.

Phone Organizer Trays

If you are the type of person who does not like using your phone while driving at all but do want a handy organizer tray that is also designed to keep your phone securely, you should consider buying a central console tray organizer storage box that fits either behind your infotainment screen, underneath your central console, or bellow your instrument cluster. These are lined with felt or silica gel so your phone isn’t going to slide about while also giving you extra storage.
How To Install Bronco Sport Phone Accessories?

Phone Mounts - If you want to install your mount directly onto the windscreen, you ought to use strong suction cups while dashboard A/C mount installations are typically done via provided clips that come with the package. Make sure that the mount isn’t in your direct line of sight and always use provided clips, cups, and brackets for installation.

Wireless Charger Pads - There are essentially two easy ways how one can install an aftermarket wireless charging pad. The first and likely best option is to plug it into the car’s 12V cigarette lighter and hide away the cables, the second one is to plug it into the USB port which will take away your USB port whenever you are using it.

Phone Organizer Trays - Phone organizer tray installations are quick and easy as all you have to do is use the provided clips to place the tray into place. Be careful while installing these as broken clips can cause the tray to come off while driving.