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It doesn't matter if you own a Bronco Sport Outer Banks, Heritage, Badlands, or any other trim level, we have got you covered with all the switches you'll ever need to spruce up your vehicle's functions and features.

We provide OEM and replacement switches that seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, assuring you of consistent and reliable performance. 

Apart from switches, we also stock switch panels, relays, connectors, wires, and fuses to ensure that all of your electrical needs are met to your satisfaction. Order yours today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Switches?

Switch Types

When it comes to aftermarket Ford Bronco switches, not all options are created equal, with varying abilities to control specific functions.

Rocker switches, known for their up-and-down toggling action, offer versatility and are commonly used for controlling accessories like lights and winches while toggle switches, featuring a flip-on/flip-off lever, are popular for applications such as fog lights or auxiliary power outlets. 

Push button switches are very popular while rotary switches, with their rotating dial or knob, provide precise control for functions like ventilation fans, air conditioning systems, or custom volume controls. 

Lastly, momentary switches are designed to be momentarily pressed and held, commonly used for tasks like horn honking or controlling lighting for a brief period. 

These switches are programmed to engage a specific accessory for a short while before disengaging automatically.


Before investing in auxiliary switches, cables, and other electrical connectors, you should first decide what you need them for.

You also need to pay attention to the capabilities of the switches as not all of these are able to control all the functions.

For example, for interior controls, you might need switches to operate functions like power windows, door locks, or climate control. 

In this case, look for switches that offer smooth operation, ergonomic design, and durability to withstand frequent use.

If you plan on mounting switches lower down, be sure to go for durable, waterproof switches that are going to both be functional and durable.