Lift Kits, Suspension & Shocks

Your car’s ability to traverse challenging terrain relies heavily on its suspension setup. That is why we at Everything Bronco Aftermarket pay close attention to only offering the very best, industry-leading suspension mods that are going to make your Ford Bronco Sport more capable without hampering reliability or comfort.

We take great pride in knowing that these suspension mods are made out of durable materials, are tested to last a really long time, and will make your Bronco a different kind of beast off the beaten track. Order your new Ford Bronco Sport suspension mods today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Lift Kits, Suspension & Shocks Accessories?

Lift Kits 

Lift kits are designed to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle and provide better off-road capability. They typically consist of taller springs, shock absorbers, and other components to raise the height of your vehicle. These are made out of durable metals in order to support the car’s weight without letting you down when you encounter tricky trails.

Lowering Kits 

On the other side of the spectrum, lowering kits are designed to lower the ride height of your vehicle for improved handling and a sportier look. They typically consist of shorter springs and other components to reduce the distance between the body of the vehicle and the ground. This is better for those wanting to spend most of their time on the road as lowering kits are not designed for off-roading.

Leveling Lift Kits

A leveling lift kit is a suspension modification that is designed to level the front and rear of a vehicle. This type of lift kit is commonly used on dedicated off-road vehicles that have a front-end rake, which is when the front of the vehicle sits lower than the rear. However, these are perfect for those with lots of mods on their trucks as this kit is going to level it all up nicely.

Strut Bars

Strut bars, also known as tower bars or strut braces, help to improve handling and reduce chassis flex by connecting the strut towers in your vehicle's engine bay. This is especially important for those who prefer trails with lots of chassis and suspension articulation. 

Sway Bars

Sway bars, also known as stabilizer bars, help to reduce body roll and improve handling by connecting the suspension on both sides of your vehicle. They can be installed on the front and/or rear of your vehicle and can be adjustable to provide more or less stiffness depending on your driving needs.

Benefits of Aftermarket Suspension Mods

  • Improved Appearance

  • More Ground Clearance

  • Better Performance 

  • Added Durability

  • Customization