Interior Lights

Even though the Ford Bronco Sport is a fairly new SUV, some of its features were designed with cost-saving in mind as Ford wanted to focus on more important aspects which meant saving a few bucks here and there on stuff such as interior lighting. Granted, the system with the Bronco Sport is more than good enough to illuminate all of the interior, but it could do with something a bit more extra. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place as we got some of the very best Ford Bronco Sport aftermarket interior lights money can buy. These will illuminate your interior better than the stock setup while also making the cabin a more special place to spend time in.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Interior Lights?

Reading Lights

Reading lights are your normal dome lights located in front of the rearview mirror and are the ones most people use for reading purposes which is where they get their name from. These are commonly 5-15W lights with LED technology but also come with features such as touch-to-turn-on, dimming, or swiveling for getting the right angle. 

Ambient Lights

The luxury car segment is brimming with ambient lighting technologies because they really do make the car feel immensely special. You can equip your Bronco with a set of 15W ambient lights as well which will enable you to choose between dozens of different colors with multi-light, single-light, LED, OLED, remote control, dimming, pulsating, and even starlight technologies.

Puddle Lights

Puddle (doorstep) lights have also become incredibly popular in the past few decades as their original purpose was to illuminate from the bottom of the door in order not to step into a puddle. These lights are now projecting brand logos in multi-color LED, pulsating, and even animation sequences if you want that extra bling.

Luggage Compartment Lights

Luggage compartment lights are designed to illuminate whenever you open the trunk to better illuminate whatever is inside of it. These tend to be relatively rudimentary LED lights that don’t do anything special, but that is to be expected as these are intended for nothing but illumination.

How To Connect Aftermarket Interior Lights?

There are a few ways how on you can install these lights inside the car. It’s best to always follow the provided instructions that come with these packages, but we are going to list the two most common ways of installing these below:

  • Connect the cable to the car’s interior power socket - This is by far the easiest way to install your lights as all you have to do is plug the cable in the 12V power socket. It isn’t the cleanest looking or the best way to install a set of lights, but it will enable you to quickly install or remove them if needed.

  • Using the accessory fuse box adaptor - Find your car’s owner’s manual and look for info regarding the fuse box. Look for the accessory fuse location and connect your lights to the accessory fuse adapter. The good thing about this method is that it hides the cables and the lights turn on whenever you turn the ignition.