Light Bars

If you are a Ford Bronco Sport Badlands, Heritage, and Outer Banks owner and you want aftermarket Ford Bronco Sport light bars to shine your way even in the darkest of nights?! 

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We offer a wide variety of options, including single and double-row light bars, ranging from 6 to 50+ inches in length, in amber, white, red, green, or multi-color LED options. 

Our selection of bumper-mounted, roof-mounted, and grille light bars are designed to provide enhanced visibility in any environment, making sure you're equipped to go anywhere.

Don't settle for subpar lighting - upgrade to our bright and durable Ford Bronco Sport light bars today and experience the ultimate off-road illumination wherever you may go!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Light Bars?

Light Bar Size

Proper sizing is crucial when selecting light bars for your Ford Bronco Sport, ensuring the right fit and functionality. 

For optimal illumination without overpowering your vehicle's front end, light bars ranging from 20 to 30 inches in length are ideal. 

They offer versatility, ample brightness, and aesthetic appeal without blinding anyone from oncoming traffic.

You can easily mount these light bars on your bumper or grille for enhanced visibility and they won’t be as noticeable as 40 or even 50-inch bars.

For a more rugged and intense lighting experience, you may opt for larger light bars from 40 to 50 inches in length. 

These light bars deliver maximum brightness with extended reach for off-road adventures. Mounting these longer light bars on the roof or above the windshield produces a broad spread of light. 

It's an excellent choice to achieve an aggressive appearance while providing optimal illumination while driving your Ford Bronco Sport.

Curved vs Straight Light Bars

A curved light bar is a very handy modification that enables you to benefit from a relatively wide light spread without going for an overly large light bar.

As these are curved, they are able to shine the light wider than a comparably long straight light bar.

As such, if you want the widest light pattern and you like the looks of a curved light bar, go for a curved Ford Bronco Sport light bar.

On the other hand, if you like the classic look of a straight-light bar, you can always match the pattern of a curved bar but with a slightly larger unit. 

Mounting Locations

The roof, the hood, the grille, and the bumper are the four most popular locations where one can mount a light bar.

Roof-mounted light bars are typically used for really long, long-distance light bars which are borderline blinding for normal road use.

Bumper-mounted light bars are usually designed to spread a wider and short pattern compared to a roof or even a hood-mounted light bar as they prove much less glare and a cleaner beam.

Lastly, a grille-mounted light bar looks arguably the most streamlined which is why people love these so much.

Fitment and Special Features

Consider advanced features like adjustable beam lengths and brightness levels, as well as customizable colors and light patterns to match your personal style. 

A waterproof rating of either IP67 or IP68 can provide peace of mind while driving through harsh weather or rugged terrain or if you like mounting your bars very low.

Make sure that all of your lights are designed to fit your Bronco, are properly angled, and are going to stay in place no matter the terrain you drive on.