Light Bulbs

The new Bronco is one of the most popular cars in NA right now as many people deem it to be the best balance between a sporty off-road SUV and a comfortable daily driver, especially in the case of the Bronco Sport. It isn’t the most luxurious SUV out there, but that can be changed if you modify it adequately.  Replacing the light bulbs in the Bronco Sport is useful from a safety and design standpoint which is why we are offering you a choice between numerous high-quality, bright, and good-looking Bronco Sport light bulbs. If you need a set of aftermarket bulbs for your Bronco Sport, you’ve come to the right place!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Light Bulbs?

Which Types Of Bronco Sport Light Bulbs Are There?


Halogen light bulbs are the cheapest and least effective type of light bulb you can buy. They illuminate a soft yellow light, are commonly found in older cars, are by far the most common, and don’t blind other drivers while also requiring more energy for illumination. 


HID light bulbs are commonly referred to as the natural step up from a halogen bulb as these bulbs are up to 100 times brighter than a halogen bulb, can last as much as 10 times longer, produce a crispier and white-ish light, and require less energy to run. They also illuminate further than halogens but are noticeably more expensive


If you want the very best bulbs money can buy, you will have to pay up to 10 times more for an LED bulb compared to a Halogen bulb. LED bulbs can last up to 70,000 hours which is a few times longer than HID lights, and up to a few dozen times longer than a comparable halogen unit. LEDs are also the most powerful, best-looking, and most power-efficient.

What to Look Out For When Buying New Light Bulbs For The Ford Bronco Sport?

  • Size - The Ford Bronco Sport comes with 3157 size light bulbs which means that if you want to replace your existing bulbs without any modifications, you will have to go for a 3157 size bulb. If you want a larger or a smaller bulb, you will have to do additional modifications such as replacing the housing, and the modules, and doing all the wiring.

  • Type - The Ford Bronco Sport base-spec headlights are HID headlights which means that fitting different HID front lights is doable without any other modifications. Halogen bulbs tend to be larger which means that fitting them would be difficult while LED lights are available for the top-spec models while retrofitting them on non-LED models is also possible without too many mods.

Legality and Setup - You also need to pay attention to how you set up your new light bulbs as some can be illegal and setting them up to illuminate too high up is also dangerous as it can easily blind oncoming drivers.