Light Switches

We at offer an abundance of highest-quality wiring kits, switches, harnesses, and other light switch accessories for your new Bronco Sport. These modifications are necessary if you want to install new lights to your Bronco or want additional layers of control and special features. These will put the finishing touch on your custom lights, anti-flicker technology, or will just upgrade the dependability of your existing lighting setups. If you are in the marker for a set of high-quality light switches, you’ve come to the right place!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Light Switches?

Which Kinds Of Light Switches Can I Buy?

  • Remote Light Switches

A remote light switch is powered by a small battery that sends a radio frequency via a signal to turn the lights on or off. These can be controlled from inside and outside of the car which is a benefit if you often have a spotter to help you while off-roading. The downsides are that these are a little bit more expensive and the battery will need to be changed eventually

  • Smart Light Switches

Smart light switches are the most advanced light switches money can buy as these don’t only come with your good old on and off button, but also come with various other pre-programmed modes such as turning on or off at a designated time, dimming modes, different colors, laser, and tend to be powerful enough for all types of lights.

  • Regular Light Switches

A regular light switch is your standard wiring harness that goes from your whips to the battery. These usually come with a fuse included which means that the installation process is easy and quick. One end goes into the 5-pin switch while the other can just be soldered to your power.

What To Look Out For?


The main thing you need to look out for is the output as not all switches will be able to power all types of lights and other accessories. Try to go for a light switch with a power output designed for a specific type of light. For example, a good LED spotlight bar needs to be at least 120W while the best ones can go for even 800W. 


Not all light switches are compatible with all types of lights. Some are designed to power spotlights, others are designed to power fog lights. Lights with more modes and special features can’t be fully controlled via a basic on/off switch.


Installing some of these switches will require soldering, splicing, or additional modifications while some will be simple plug-and-play units. The most common switch openings are 1.70" x 0.95" and these don’t require any additional modifications, besides cable management and placement of the switch.