Mounts and Brackets

Light mounts and brackets are used to provide a clever installation solution for your light bars, cube lights, and other off-road lights. Investing in high quality light mounts and brackets will both improve the looks of your new Bronco Sport, but also will make it more capable in adverse weather and while off-roading. Visibility is an often overlooked factor when it comes to off-roading, but no off-roading can be done if you can't see where you are going. As such, be sure to shop our wide selection of industry-leading Ford Bronco Sport lights mounts and brackets!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Light Mounts and Brackets?

Roof Mounts and Brackets

Roof-mounted lights are typically up to 52-inch spotlights as these lights illuminate in a far and narrow fashion. They tend to cover almost the entire length of the car which is why these are best when mounted on the roof. As such, a roof light mount/bracket is the way to go.

Bull Bar/Bumper Mounts and Brackets

Bullbar and bumper mounts and brackets are mounted directly on the bullbar/bumper and typically come in 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch sizes. If you are familiar with the size of your bullbar, simply measure the circumference and divide the result by 3.14 to get the desired diameter. Bull bar light mounts and brackets include special adjustable clamps that can adapt to most bull bar diameters, but many bumpers require drilling.

Number Plate Mounts and Brackets

These are likely the easiest to install as they typically install in the existing drill holes for your registration plate while also being held in place by clamps that go directly onto the number plate. No drilling is required, the sizes are all universal and many different lights go onto number plate mounts and brackets.


  • Steel

Steel light mounts and brackets tend to be the most expensive ones, but that is because they provide a sturdy and secure fit for your lights. The industry average for a steel light bar mount/bracket is between 1 and 4mm. It’s better to go for steel mounts and brackets that are 3-4 mm thick and are powder coated for the best possible protection. 

  • Die Cast Aluminum

Die-cast aluminum light mounts and brackets are corrosion-proof, but not as sturdy as steel ones. Moreover, they offer better protection than plastic ones but are also more expensive than plastic ones. As such, it’s better to avoid lower-quality die-cast units for wide and heavy light bars which are mounted on the top of the vehicle while smaller cube lights and number plate lights can do the trick.

  • Plastic 

Plastic light mounts and brackets are by far the cheapest of the bunch and aren’t your best bet for holding larger and heavier light units, especially spotlight or driving lights that suffer from wind resistance the most. 

Bonus Features 

  • Anti-theft kit - Some light brackets and mounts come with specially designed anti-theft features which keep your lights from being stolen.

  • Heavy-duty bolts & nuts - Going for a steel mount with plastic bolts is worse than going for a plastic mount with steel bolts. However, it’s best when you can buy heavy-duty bolts with either of these brackets and mounts.

Warranty - Even though most of these are simple hardware products, many of them come with warranties, so be sure to consider that carefully.