Off-road Lighting

The new Ford Bronco is a machine designed to traverse the world’s most difficult and challenging terrain. It is one of the most competent stock off-roaders in the entire automotive industry, but with the right mods, it can become one of the most competent off-roader SUVs in general. Even though most people are likely to first go for a set of knobby tires, a beefy lift kit, a winch, or brake upgrades, none of these are useful if you can’t see where you are going. Therefore, investing in a high-quality off-road lighting setups will give you the added safety, but will also upgrade your looks substantially. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place as we got some of the industry leading aftermarket Bronco Sport lights upgrades!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Light Bar and Off-road Lighting?


Spotlight setups are intended to increase your long-distance visibility as these project their beams up to a few hundred yards in front. These lights are your best option for high-speed driving in the dark because the beam is so long it enables you to adequately adapt to anything you come across. These are extremely bright, narrow, long, and only usable when there are no other drivers nearby as these can easily blind other drivers.

Driving Lights

Driving lights sit between a spotlight and a normal headlight setup which means that they can project their beams far ahead, but without dazzling oncoming drivers. As such, these can be used as your normal lights as they will help you see a lot better, but not as well as with a setup of high-quality spotlights. Compared to fog lights and floodlights, these are far more reaching.

Fog Lights

A high-quality set of fog lights serves a few different purposes. First of all, they project light shorter than every other type of light here but also project the light as wide as possible. This will give you better all-around visibility which is crucial during adverse weather and while trying to fit through narrow gaps. Moreover, they will also make you more visible to everyone around you.


Compared to fog lights, floodlights are longer, higher-reaching, and slightly narrower, but still, a lot shorter compared to spotlights and driving lights. These are perfect for those wanting to increase their visibility to the left and the right of the vehicle, both for slow and higher-speed driving.

Different Mounting Points

  • Roof - Almost all roof-mounted light bars are spotlight bars as these need to be mounted on top to give you far-reaching illumination. The best way one can mount a light bar on the roof is to invest in a high-quality bracket, use high-quality suction cups, or take advantage of the existing roof rack mounting points.

  • Bumper - Bumper-mounted lights are usually your fog lights and floodlights because they focus on spread rather than length. As such, these are best off when mounted directly on aftermarket LED light bumper brackets on each side, preferably 10 to 24 inches off the road surface.

Beneath the grille - Long and narrow off-road driving lights are best off mounted either centrally inside the grille, or right under it on the bumper. These also need aftermarket bracket points with about 16 to 35 inches of ground depending on your setup and desired effect. Some also drill special holes in their bumpers to mount these exactly where they want them