Mass Air Flow Meters

Ford Bronco Sport Mass Air Flow Meters

Mass air flow meters (mass air flow sensors) are designed to constantly monitor the amount of air that enters the engine in order to maintain consistent power delivery with optimum efficiency. These are essential for your car’s combustion process which means that your car can’t run without them.

As such, if you need a replacement mass air flow meter, or you want to upgrade it for more power, you can do so at Everything Bronco Aftermarket as we have compiled the very best, industry-leading mass air flow meters for your Ford Bronco Sport! Shop on!

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Which Types of Mass Airflow Meters Exit?

Hot Wire Mass Air Flow Meters

Hot wire mass air flow meters (MAF) use a heated wire to measure the amount of air entering the engine and are also the ones that come standard on the new Bronco Sport. Hot wire meters are very accurate and can measure very low airflows, but they are sensitive to dirt and oil in the air which means that these aren’t perfect for off-roading environments. 

Hot Film Mass Air Flow Meters

Hot film mass air flow meters (MAF) use a thin, heated film to measure the airflow. Hot film meters are more robust than hot wire meters and can measure higher airflows, but they are also sensitive to dirt and oil in the air. As such, these will give you a bit more power but aren’t the best for off-roading.

Vane Mass Airflow Meters

Vane mass airflow meters (MAF) use a small turbine that spins as air flows through it. The speed of the turbine is proportional to the amount of air flowing through it. Vane meters are not as accurate as hot wire or hot film meters, but they are more durable and less sensitive to dirt and oil which makes them better for off-roading.

Can I Replace the Bronco Sport MAF Meter With A Different Type?

Yes, you can, but this will require ECM (PCM) reprogramming which means that you will need to upload the associated tune to your car’s brain in order for it to work seamlessly and without any reliability concerns.

Are MAF Mods Worth It?

If done correctly, MAF mods can increase your horsepower significantly, but if you don’t do everything correctly, your car will not be able to maintain its original efficiency and is likely to fail emissions testing. Moreover, this can also strain the engine and cause it to fail eventually.