Tire and Wheel Package

Going for a wheel & tire package saves you both the time and effort needed to find the right wheel and tire combination. If you combine that with the fact that we at Everything Bronco Aftermarket will also relieve you from the need to think about Bronco Sport compatibility, all you need to do is scroll down and click on the tire and wheel package you want to buy. If you do so, you will be choosing from a selected few of the best, industry-leading Ford Bronco Sport tire and wheel packages which are perfect for those who want to compliment both the performance and the looks of a Bronco Sport. Order yours today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying a Ford Bronco Sport Tire and Wheel Package?

Size, Fitment, Compatibility

Check the tire size and wheel diameter to ensure they match the manufacturer's recommended specifications. Pay close attention to the bolt pattern (5x108) as this can’t be altered without aftermarket adapters. Also, go for a package that will fit your wheel arches fully and will not intrude or scrape against the bodywork.

Driving Environment and Performance 

Consider the performance features you want in your tires and wheels, such as improved handling, traction, or off-road capability. Look for packages that offer the specific features you need based on your driving needs. Therefore, if you spend most of your time off the beaten path, an off-road package is exactly what you need.

Styling and Finish 

Even though wheels and tires do have their primary functional role, no one wants to buy a wheel and tire package that does not look good. In this realm, you can go for silver, gray, or black colors while the most popular finishes are satin, chrome, gloss, or diamond cut. It’s best to avoid chrome if you want to use these off-road. 

Comfort and Longevity

If you want to make your Bronco Sport as road compliant as possible, you should go for larger tires and smaller wheels. On the other hand, if you want your Bronco to be as sharp as possible, you can go for lower-profile wheels. Lastly, do keep in mind that some tires can last longer than others, and do account that into the price.