Hitch Covers

Finding a good hitch cover that looks great and protects your hitch isn't as hard as most people think; they don’t know what to look for when shopping. A good hitch cover looks great, fits your hitch perfectly, and is easy to put on or remove. At Everything Bronco Aftermarket, we offer these premium quality Ford Bronco Sport Hitch Covers that are the perfect solution for keeping your hitch protected and looking great at the same time. They are made from heavy-duty materials to ensure durability, so shop now!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Hitch Covers?

One way to protect your vehicle's hitch is with an aftermarket hitch cover – they provide utility and style that draws attention! This short guide will look at essential buying considerations as you shop for a hitch cover.

Hitch Size

Take note of the size of your hitch before shopping for a hitch cover. Not all hitch covers fit all standard sizes, so you need to double-check the size of the hitch receiver exactly to avoid buying a hitch cover that's too big or too small. Check the materials used to construct it before making a purchase. Thankfully, most hitch covers are made from sturdy chrome-plated materials that handle all weather and wear. 


This isn't a dealbreaker, but if you're not interested in the traditional black or chrome colors, you should find a suitably colored hitch cover. You can also customize your hitch covers.


Installing a hitch cover is typically straightforward, even for those with little mechanical experience. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and follow all the steps to ensure proper installation. For easy removal, some hitch covers have a U-bolt that can be unfastened when you need to access your hitch receiver.

Wrapping Up

Hitch covers are an excellent way to protect your vehicle's hitch from the elements and add a little bit of style. Browse and shop from our collection of hitch covers.