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Our selection includes (but isn’t limited to) D-ring shackles, tie-down anchors, tow hook brackets, soft shackles, tie-down D-rings, weld-on tie-down D-rings, anchor backing plates, recessed tie-down backing plates, fold-away rope hook packages. 

Our forged tow hook mounts will keep you moving even on the toughest terrains while our tie-down straps will ensure your gear stays in place no matter the adventure. 

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Towing Equipment?

Towing Capacity and Driving Environment

The Ford Bronco Sport is rated with a maximum 2,200-pound towing capacity which isn’t all that much by today’s SUV standards.

This means that all of the towing gear you buy doesn’t need to be the world’s most durable, most capable, and consequently, most expensive gear as a 2,200-pound load capacity is more than 1,000 pounds less than what the normal Bronco offers.

As such, be sure to go for either Class I or Class II towing gear as these two should do the trick.

The driving environment is also a very important factor as highway driving and slower-speed driving environments present a totally different set of challenges.

For highway driving, it’s important to go for towing equipment that prioritizes stability while driving over uneven terrain requires a great range of motion in order not to wear out all of your gear.

Adjustability and Versatility 

Adjustability and versatility are two fairly important factors that will allow you to use the same equipment for various purposes which will inevitably save you money in the long run.

For example, adjustable ball mounts or receiver hitches let you customize the angle, height, or extension of the towing attachment for safe towing heights, proper trailer leveling, and compatibility with various trailer sizes or hitch heights. 

Versatility-wise, hitch extenders or multi-ball mounts allow you to utilize a single piece of equipment for multiple towing applications, providing cost savings and convenience by eliminating the need for multiple mounts.

You should do your homework beforehand and figure out what you are hoping to do with your Ford Bronco Sport and then proceed toward buying towing equipment.

Build Materials and Safety

Ford Bronco Sport towing equipment build materials and safety go hand in hand as you need to satisfy both in order to enjoy a hassle-free towing experience.

For heavy pieces of gear, prioritize steel, aluminum, iron, or other heavy alloys, but be sure that they are treated for corrosion or other forms of degradation and wear and tear.

Clear markings on the equipment, such as weight ratings and size indications, ensure that you select the appropriate equipment for your towing needs and maintain safety. 

Also consider beefy pins or robust locking mechanisms that provide secure connections between the towing equipment and your vehicle, minimizing the risk of detachment during towing.