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Introducing our Ford Bronco Sport Trailer Balls category where you can find the very best Ford Bronco Sport Trailer Balls available today for the Outer Banks, Badlands, Big Bend, Heritage, and other Bronco Sport models!

We've got everything from awe-inspiring tractor hitch balls to cushion hitch trailer balls for extra comfort on those bumpy off-road trails. Looking for something extra flashy?

Our stainless steel and chrome-packaged trailer Balls will make your Bronco Sport shine brighter than a disco ball at a beach party!

Rev up your Ford Bronco Sport and get ready to give your balls the care and attention they deserve! Order yours today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Trailer Balls?

Weight Rating and Ball Size

Ford Bronco Sport trailer ball size is determined by the ball's diameter which is a very important factor to consider if you want to achieve a perfect match with your trailer coupler.

The most common sizes are 1-7/8 inches, 2 inches, and 2-5/16 inches, so it's essential to double-check the size of your trailer coupler before making any purchases.

Failure to match the size of your trailer ball to your coupler could lead to a loose fit, excessive rattling, not being able to connect the trailer or even accidents.

The weight rating of the trailer ball should also be mentioned, but since trailer balls usually have weight ratings that range from 2,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds or more, you should be good at that front because the Bronco Sport can’t tow more than 2,200 pounds anyway.

However, this does mean that there is no need to overspend to get a more durable, more capable trailer ball as a normal Class I trailer ball is going to do just fine.

Shank Rise and Size

The trailer ball shank rise determines the height at which the trailer ball will sit when mounted to the Ford Bronco Sport hitch receiver. 

Choosing the correct shank rise is essential if you want to properly level out your trailer.

On the other hand, shank size refers to the overall diameter of the shank that slots directly into the receiver. 

The usual Ford Bronco Sport shank sizes for trailer balls are 1 inch, 1-1/4 inches, or 2 inches, so it's important to choose a trailer ball with a shank size that matches the hitch receiver size of your Ford Bronco Sport.

Looks, Build Materials, Safety

Striking options like chrome-plated or stainless steel trailer balls will make your balls visible while matte or regular gloss balls are going to look more seamless.

High-quality materials such as forged steel, iron, or hardened steel are the way to go for most people because they offer the very best bang for the buck while also looking the part.

To top it all off, it’s always a good idea to have a set of safety chains connecting your Ford Bronco Sport with the trailer as you don’t want to risk decoupling, no matter how durable your trailer ball is.

Either way, a precision-engineered shank will give you a tight fit while additional locking mechanisms full further bulletproof your setup and protect you from any accidents or theft.