Throttle Enhancement

The throttle is responsible for controlling the amount of air and fuel that enters the engine, and how much power the engine produces. So, if you go for a well-designed, high-quality throttle enhancement mod, you will be able to alter air and fuel ratios which will enable you to increase power.

However, altering the car’s fueling and ignition cycles can be both difficult and risky which is why we at Everything Bronco Aftermarket only offer the very best Ford Bronco Sport throttle enhancements which are going to give you more power, but without posing any risks to the car’s overall reliability. Order yours today!

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Which Throttle Enhancement Mods Exist?

Throttle Body Spacer Modifications 

Throttle body spacers are designed to increase the distance between the throttle body and the intake manifold. This can help to increase the volume of air entering the engine and improve horsepower and torque.

Throttle Controllers (Boosters)

Electronic throttle controllers, or throttle boosters, are devices that modify the signal sent from the accelerator pedal to the engine control unit (ECU). This can improve throttle response and acceleration which adds more power and makes the car more eager to accelerate.

High-Flow Throttle Body Modifications

High-flow throttle bodies are designed to allow more air into the engine by increasing the size of the throttle body. This can help to improve horsepower and throttle response.

Which Modifications Can Improve Throttle Response?

Besides all of the components mentioned above, other mods that can improve your Bronco’s throttle response are:

  • Performance Air Intake Systems

  • Tuners 

  • Exhaust Upgrades

  • Engine Tune-ups

Are Throttle Modifications Worth It?

Throttle modifications can be worth it if you are looking to improve your vehicle's acceleration and throttle response. Some throttle modifications can increase the amount of air flowing into the engine, which can result in improved performance and better throttle response. 

However, you do need to keep in mind that some of these could void your warranty, so be sure to check that out in advance.