Buyer's Guide: Ford Bronco/Sport Soft Top Options

Sep 15, 2022

Buyer's Guide: Ford Bronco/Sport Soft Top Options

Since the return of the Ford Bronco after a 25-year Hiatus, we’ve seen a unique feature added to this SUV. That is the soft top roof option. If you are someone that loves to feel the sun on your skin when you take a ride in your Bronco, a retractable roof is what you need. Here’s the buyer’s guide along with all you need to know about the Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport soft top options.

What Models Offer Soft Top Options

With the return, the Bronco offered a whole new array of models for the Bronco. Not all the models offer soft tops. If a soft top is a feature that you must have, you need to know the models offer soft tops.

The Bronco Sport, which is a budget-friendly version of the Bronco does not come with a soft top. No matter the trim you get, the Base version, Big Bend, Outer Banks, or the Bad Lands, neither of them is equipped with soft tops. They are simply not available in the Bronco Sport. The closes you can get to an open roof with the Bronco Sport is a sunroof.

Not all Broncos have soft tops either. The Ford Bronco comes in two-door and four-door bodies. The two doors, do not feature a soft top. But unlike the Bronco Sport, the hard top roof is still removable. But you should do it manually.

Buying a four-door Bronco allows you to get a retractable soft top. The four-door Bronco Everglades also allow you to have a soft top. The same can’t be said about the First Edition and Wild Trek models as they do not offer a soft top.

To summarize, these are the models that offer soft tops,

  • Four-door Bronco Base
  • Four-door Bronco Everglades
  • Four-door Bronco Big Bend
  • Four-door Bronco Black Diamond
  • Four-door Bronco Outer Banks
  • Four-door Bronco Badlands

Should You Get A Bronco Soft Top?

Should You Get A Bronco Soft Top?

If you are worried about, how the Bronco’s interior would be exposed to the elements when you are going roofless, do not worry, Ford has got you covered. The cabin is protected by rubberized flooring and marine-grade vinyl upholstery. Further protection can be provided by adding after-market seat covers.

Another issue that customers worry about with the Soft top is the insulation. Soft tops generally don’t hold heat well during the winter. And in the summer, outside temperatures heavily affect the cabin temperature. As a solution to this problem, Ford offers additional insulation for their soft tops with the Bronco.

There are some sacrifices to make if you are planning on getting a soft top. By doing so, you’d lose your rear wiper, rear defroster, and rear washer. But, if you want to keep these features along with a soft top, you have the option of buying a dual-top Ford Bronco.

If you want to connect with nature on a whole new level, and want to be able to remove the top easily, you need to go with the soft top. You can retract it in a matter of minutes on the go. The retracted roof doesn’t take up much room either. Remove the side panels along with the roof, and you can convert your Bronco into an open-air machine.

The same level of airflow can be achieved with a hard top since you’d be able to remove it as well. But removing a hard top takes a considerable amount of time and you need a bunch of tools for the process as well. Storing it is also difficult, making it hard to remove and store the top while you are out on the road.